Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have a Very Blessed and Happy Easter!

Christ is Risen!  He is Truly Risen!

Stained glass window in the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City

I will be sharing more about the magnificent Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in Manhattan, that I visited on a  recent trip to New York City, on a future post. It is full of gorgeous stained glass windows and architectural splendor! 

I am always drawn to images of the Risen Christ when I see them, as I find them very inspirational. I decided to share a few of those windows in this post with hopes that they also will bring you joy this Easter weekend.

Lamb of God, You who take away the 
sins of the world, have mercy upon us!

Stained glass window of  St Rose of Lima RC Church, Carbondale Pennsylvania

Lamb of God, You who take away 
the sins of the world, grant us Peace!

Stained glass window Co-Catherdral of Saint Joseph's RC Church, Brooklyn, New York

May you, and your family, 
have a very Blessed and Happy Easter! 

YouTube Christ Is Risen!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Out With the Boys!

The weather was beautiful last week and we had a nice weekend hosting the boys for a sleepover. After breakfast Nonno (grandpa) took them to a little playground in an open space near our house, while Nonna (grandma) took photos!

Our community is in the process of updating all the different playgrounds, but I hope they keep this piece--it is a favorite for all my grandchildren!

As are the swings!

The boys wanted to do a little more exploring this visit so we climbed on the rocks...

 ...and walked on the trail.

They walked all the way over to the giant red rock formation in the middle of the open space.

They were hoping to find arrow heads or fossils.

From a distance this formation does not look as high as it really is!

Two happy boys and an even happier Nonno!

This large hole in the rocks fascinated the boys--they wondered if a bear could be sleeping inside? 

We did not find any "fossils" but we did see many more holes in the rocks that were obviously shelters for birds, and we saw cacti and this cabbage-looking type plant growing.  Any guess as to what it is?

As you can see the foothills still had some residual snow on them.  We had six inches of snow on Sunday, but most of it has melted.  Snow seems to be our area's "April Showers"!

The high mountains are still getting plenty of snow, as you can see from this peak in the distance. The ski season may last till June, but I'm ready for Spring to turn everything at our elevation green. As you can see, the trees are beginning to bud and the all the birds have been actively building nests. As Easter approaches it seems the earth is happily beginning to renew itself!

 I hope this Spring has also been a joyful one for you!

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