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You can scroll through all the posts I tagged for Colorado through the years. Up until the end of 2012 I lived in Brooklyn, New York.  During that time my husband and I frequently visited Colorado to visit our son and his family.  Our daughter moved to Colorado, git married and was soon  expecting her first child in early 2013 which prompted my husband and I to speed up our plans of retirement and we moved west in January, 2013 to the Denver/Littleton area.  We love it here and are excited to learn more about our new state. I will be very happy to share all our adventures with you!

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Loui♥ said...

like you, i trekked westward in 2005..
settled in Denver near Lowry/Cherry Creek.
in 2012, we relocated back to Florida..
it is so refreshing viewing your blog of cherished memories!
we recently spent a week back there with our kids and grands..
hugs and smiles..