About Me

Hi I'm Pat, and Mille Fiori Favoriti is my blog.  Why did I pick such a funny name?  It is Italian, and loosely translates as "1000 Favorite Flowers." I had the idea when I started my blog a few years ago that it would be a way to keep track of websites and blogs that I enjoyed reading and I began by including many links in my posts....sort of like collecting a big bouquet of favorite flowers. My husband of 36 years is a native born Italian and I decided that my blog name sounded prettier in Italian.
As time went on my blog evolved and I began to focus on places I visited in my home town of Brooklyn, New York and then places I frequented in Manhattan, and also the many places I've traveled to the past few years. I love to explore my city and, as a retired RN, with an empty nest, I had plenty of time to do so.  Over time my photography improved and low and behold I actually had "readers"!  I lived in New York City my entire life and I love learning more about it by exploring places of interest and blogging about it. Places such as parks, museums, gardens, public and private events, historical and entertainment venues. etc., and that is basically what you will find here, plus and occasional recipe or family event.

UPDATE! In 2013 my husband and I decided to move west to the beautiful state of Colorado! Why such a drastic move? Our two children had settled in Colorado. My son had two adorable boys and my daughter was expecting our first granddaughter.  As much as we loved NYC, moving west to see our grandchildren grow became our motivation.  We settled in a Denver area suburb and are now enjoying discovering all the beauty and history of the front range. Can two city slickers make it out west? Yes, they can, and they are enjoying every minute of it and hope to take you along on all our adventure through new chapters on our blog.

Thanks so much for your visit! I hope you will leave a comment. I read each and every one and try to visit each commenter back as frequently as possible.