Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Met Another Blogger!

I met Sherry from the Edie Marie's Attic blog in lower Manhattan on Friday!

Sorry that the photo of us together is a little dark, but we were standing on the end of Pier 17 in a shadow under the overhang, so that we could get a view of The Brooklyn Bridge.

Sherry, and her daughter-in-law Chris, were on the last leg of a two week driving tour of many states, visiting other bloggers along the way, as part of a special celebratory birthday trip for Sherry. .

Sherry and Chris went to the Empire State Building in the morning and in the afternoon took the subway downtown to meet me on Wall Street. The New York Stock exchange on Wall Street is in the photo above.

There were also many sailors and marines in New York this weekend as there were Navy ships in the harbor for the 22 annual "Fleet Week." There were a lot of tourists in the area, too. I think Sherry was a little surprised by how much "hustle and bustle" there is on the streets of New York!

We also saw Federal Hall National Memorial across from The Stock Exchange. It was the first capitol of the United States of America and the site of George Washington's inauguration as the first President of the United States on April 30, 1789. It is also the place where the United States Bill of Rights was passed.

We walked over to Trinity Church at the end of Wall Street and stepped inside tp spend a few quiet moments.
There have been three Trinity Church buildings at Broadway and Wall Street. The present Trinity Church, designed by Richard Upjohn and consecrated on Ascension Day in 1846, is considered a classic example of Gothic Revival architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
We also strolled around the burial ground at Trinity Church, which includes the graves and memorials of many historic figures, including Alexander Hamilton, William Bradford, Robert Fulton, and Albert Gallatin, as well as many old headstones dating back to the 1700's.
Sherry giving a very regal pose as she stands on the plaque that commemorates the spot where on July 9, 1976, the church was visited by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, and she was presented with a symbolic "back rent" of 279 peppercorns.

We then walked passed Ground Zero. As you can see there is a large construction fence around the area and many construction cranes at work as the rebuilding is in progress.

We then walked over to St. Paul's Chapel, located directly across from the World Trade Center site. St. Paul's, is the only surviving church in New York of the Revolutionary era. It is also the oldest public building in continuous use in Manhattan.

This sign describes the importance of this little chapel.

George Washington worshiped here on Inauguration Day, April 30, 1789, and attended services at St. Paul's during the two years New York City was the country's capital. Above his pew is an 18th-century oil painting of the Great Seal of the United States, which was adopted in 1782.
The ornamental design of the "Glory" over the altar in St. Paul's is the work of Pierre L'Enfant, who designed Washington, D.C. The "Glory" depicts Mt. Sinai in clouds and lightning, the Hebrew word for "God" in a triangle, and the two tablets of the Law with the Ten Commandments.

After the attack on September 11, 2001, which led to the collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, St. Paul's Chapel served as a place of rest and refuge for recovery workers at the WTC site. There are still many exhibits inside St. Paul's in remembrance of that time.

I then took Sherry and Chris over to Pier 17 to see the Brooklyn Bridge and the view of the northernmost part of my borough of Brooklyn. As always, there was a lot of ship traffic in East River!

Chris and Sherry enjoyed this little tour of some of the sights of Lower Manhattan, and I think I wore them out a little with all the walking and sightseeing that we did!

Sherry and Chris at the Irish pub where we had dinner together. We had a lot of fun together and I'm sure Sherry will tell you more about that on her blog, and more about the other stops of her trip, when she has the opportunity to update it when she and Chris both return to Ohio on Sunday.

We joked that good bloggers have to take photos of the special dinner they have at restaurants so here is a photo of my delicious Shepard's pie and salad. Pub food is usually wonderful in NYC and this dish was no exception. Sherry and Chris had fish and chips and we even indulged in dessert. I surprised them with a box of Italian cannolis to take back to the bed and breakfast they were staying in on Staten Island, as Sherry had told me that she was hoping to find some to eat while she was in NYC. I hope they stayed cold enough in the cooler bag I had them in, Sherry!
We also exchanged little gift mementos that we had for each other during dinner. Sherry gave me this wonderful patriotic themed bag that she made! I'm always carrying books, a newspaper and an umbrella when I travel, so it will be a perfect accessory bag to take along to hold those few extras.
Thank you so much Sherry! It was so nice to meet you and Chris, and I was so happy to show you a little bit of my city and spend some time getting to know you better. I hope you had another wonderful day in New York on Saturday, and were able to do all you wanted to see and do!

Isn't it wonderful how blogging has made the world a smaller, more friendly place? It's so nice meeting new friends!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Please take some time to honor the brave men and women who have served our country and have protected our freedom.


Lucy said...

I'd love to meet the both of you. I like your blogs so well. It's fun to meet bloggers. I've only met one so far...with the exception of those I know locally and one I gave birth to. What fun!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

It really is fun to meet those whose lives you've been sharing via the net isn't it? Looks like the three of you had an adventure.

Ciao Chow Linda said...

What a fun day you had. And a great tour you took them on. I used to work right near Pier 17, and used to pass all those sights you posted every day. It was a nice trip down Memory Lane for me. Now I'll have to go check out her blog.

Jojo said...

What a wonderful visit you had and thank you for walking us through the day too!! I love meeting the people we "talk' with and get to know through blogs and I hope to meet more fellow blog friends. Thursday night a couple of us started wishing for a blog beach trip and we are hoping others will want to join in. We will see...

Tara said...

Gosh, Pat, how nice to meet Sherry in our own backyard! She is such a sweet lady blogger! I am glad you all had such a great time together!


Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

I've been blogging for a year next month and have met so many special and neat folks via my blog. I do feel enriched by the experience and would really enjoy meeting them.

Vee said...

Oh yay! I'm so happy to see Sherry and Chris there in New York with you. To see favorite bloggers together in the same photo is so much fun! Glad that you put them through their paces, how else would they be able to enjoy that yummy lunch? Ohio's never going to feel the same again after this whirlwind tour of theirs.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful tour which I'm sure your new blogger pal in the real world will treasure for ever.
Yes! all good bloggers take photos of their meals!
Your grandson's photos on the side bar make my heart melt.
Yes, Memorial Day is a time to give thanks to our service people and to remember
all those who have fought for us
in order for us to be peaceful.

Frances said...

Thank you so much for you comment.

I enjoyed seeing these pictures of downtown NYC. Though I once worked just a block from the WT towers, I've only been back to that neighborhood once since 2001. Just cannot do it.

Best wishes.

aliceinparis said...

I loved seeing your wee meeting and Manhattan adventure.It is so true, we are all electronic penpals and it is nice to get to meet people "face to face". I am REALLY hoping to get to New York this summer some time, maybe late August. I look forward to meeting YOU! :)

Sue said...

Pat, Once again you have shared yourself and your city with friends! I can only imagine the fun that you had. Sherry and I are planning a get-together in the very near future, ourselves. Things just have to settle down before we do. We all lead such busy lives, but you always seem to take the time to make memories for others. Thanks for sharing.... Hugs, Sue

Elisa Day said...

What a wonderful post! I love blogging. I hope I can travel to New York someday soon.

Melissa Miller said...

That's awesome Pat!

What gorgeous photos of you all!
The scenery is breathtaking as well.
I'm sure they had so much with you as their guide.

Have a blessed Memorial Day my friend!
~Melissa ;)

Anonymous said...

Another great adventure through blogging. I was in New York in about
1995 and pictures from the Empire State Building showing the twin towers is kind of eerie. We were only able to be there one day as we had to go back to Kingston, where our son lived and there is no way to see everything in one day. We did not get to Statue Of Liberty, maybe your friend did.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

One of the best things that has come from blogging are the unexpected relationships that have happened. Your tours are always wonderful, Pat, but this one was especially happy for me. I worked "downtown" in Manhattan for 15 years and knew of all of these places. My husband, being in international shipping, would bring home travelers, and in our earlier days of business and we would take them on tours. It has been many years since I have seen many of these sites and I actually felt a little emotional reading this post. Thanks again for reminding me of where I came from. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
♥, Susan

Joanne Kennedy said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! There is nothing like seeing a city with someone who lives there to show you around. As tourist we often miss out on some great spots that we didn't know about. Having someone show you around is a blessing.

How fun for the three of you.

Can't wait to come out there in Aug.


Joyce said...

Isn't it so much fun to meet other blog gals? Cannoli gifts too? I have to visit you for sure:) I enjoy your tours of Brooklyn and other boroughs. It makes me homesick but makes me SMILE.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Pat,
Looks like all these bloggers are wearing you out! LOL

I know you enjoyed meeting were so gracious when I was in NYC!

Enjoyed reading about your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Glad to read you had a good time together.


Gina said...

Looks like such a fun meeting you had..and a wonderful tour around! Love your photos and that dinner sure looks scrummy! :) Gx

M.Kate said...

What a fun meet up, I would love to meet you too Pat and tks for the visual tour :P Hugs for the week...M

Cynthia said...

Thank you for the photo tour of lower Manhattan and sharing your new blogger friend with us. I enjoyed seeing your afternoon stops and the idea that bloggers actually do know each other. My family sometimes criticizes the blogger world as a waste of time-usually when they want my attention. I felt inspired that Sherry made a blogger meeting theme trip. What a great way to celebrate her birthday. Thanks for sharing. <3

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, what fun this looks like! So glad you had a great time! :-)

Pat, I had trouble accessing your blog the other day, and I'm so happy to be able to access it today.

Happy Memorial Day!


Sheila :-)

Cori G. said...

Hi Pat and Happy Memorial Day!!

You three looked like you had so much fun and it looked the perfect day too! There are so many wonderful sights to see in your end of the states.

I hope you have a lovely Day!

Junie Moon said...

How great you could share your city with Sherry. I love all your pictures but her "regal pose" really makes me smile. She certainly could not have had a better guide to many of the wonders to be found in NY. Shepherd's Pie is one of my favorite dishes and that Memorial Day bag is awesome.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I couldn't think of a better way to see New York than with my favorite NYC blogger as a tour guide! Thanks for sharing your day with us.

steviewren said...

Pat, you are the luckiest blogger I know, getting to meet so many fellow bloggers. I know they loved seeing lower Manhattan with their own personal guide.

Anonymous said...

Great post! How nice to beable to meet a fellow blogger. It sounds like you had a wonderful day ♥

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wonderful post, Pat! I've been following Chris and Sherry's trip. I think it's great when we have an opportuniy to meet fellow bloggers!

Linda Lou said...

I am so glad you got to meet another blogger-I wish more lived in my neck of the woods, although on Tuesday I am having coffee with Janie, from Panini Girl...we have enjoyed becoming friends and living so close.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to get together. Sherry is a sweetheart and I think it's so neat that she was able to travel all around. You really showed them a great time. Your dinner looked wonderful. I sure wish I could get away to NYC. The bag Sherry made you is so darling. Thanks for sharing the day.

Fifi Flowers said...

Fun to meet up with fellow bloggers I wil be meeting up with some here in LA in 3 weeks... should be FUN too!
GORGEOUS photos from Pier 17!!!

Anonymous said...

Hia Pat what a wonderful tour. I felt like I was walking with you both. I'm sure she loved every second of her stay.

Trinity Church sounds so interesting. I think it featured in "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage. Was Wall Street actually the site of the walled encampment from pioneer days? This was mentioned on the film and I thought of you.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Looks like you gals had a great time and I loved the tour of all the historic sites! Was Trinity Church the one in the first National Treasure?

Barb said...

Hi Pat,

You are so fortunate to be able to meet so many blogging friends. What a great opportunity. It looks like you all had a marvelous time. Leo is just heart stopping. Keep those photo's coming.


ARLENE said...

What a fun day! I'll have to check out Sherry's blog. I'm meeting up with 4 women from my online quilt guild in NYC next month. We've been part of each other's lives now for almost 8 years. I've met 3 of the 4 and am very excited about our day, so I know how you feel. I love meeting people with whom I share a passion for food and for quilting.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Ha! I think I *spilled* 279 peppercorns this weekend (pasta salad peppermill refill accident :-)...maybe my landlord will accept them? :-)

Great post...I love playing tour guide and I know you do a great job of it. P.S. Staten Island Bed & Breakfast?!? Do tell...

Lorrie said...

Hi Pat--it's always so fun to see the posts when bloggers get to meet! What a nice day you had. I visited St. Paul's Chapel last year while in Manhattan, and it was so moving to see and read all the displays there.

dana said...

How cool that you were able to meet fellow blogger Sherry!! I'm certain she had a wonderful time with you as her tour guide!! I loved tagging along with you gals---my favorite spot you shared this time was Trinity Church. It became an even more special place right after the attack of 9-11.

I loved Sherry's regal wave! I'll bet she's a lot of fun to be with!

Hope you had a good weekend---I'm trying to recover from a lot of activity!!! All good activity, but just very busy.

L, Dana

Willow said...

What a great day! And what fun to meet other bloggers.

Claudia said...

Blogging has made the world smaller - in the best possible way! You went to all of my favorite haunts and took me down memory lane. NYC will always bea wonderous wonder.

Susie Q said...

What a delight! It is a joy to meet bloggy friends and I am so happy you all had such fun!
I do so hope to be in NYC soon and to be able to meet up with you too!

Your tour was amazing and something they will not soon forget.


Mama said...

lol, I am just on my way to bed and now I am craving shepherds pie, it looks so good Pat and what a lovely day you had meeting another fellow blogger. I still think of the time we got to meet up in NYC, next time I come there or you come here, we have to meet up again and make a day of it. hugs, Kathy.