Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going On Vacation to see "Forty Shades of Green"!

I have been walking on sunshine this week not only in anticipation about becoming a grandmother for the first time by the end of this year, but also because I am going back to Ireland, with my husband, for a combination business and pleasure trip tomorrow!

We will be in Dublin most of the time and making some side trips to the Giant's Causeway, Glens of Antrim and the wild Atlantic coast of Northern Ireland, Counties Wexford, Waterford and Kilkenny, and also to County Meath and the Valley of the Kings to see Newgrange, a tomb about 500 years older than the great pyramids!

A Dublin door

We visited Ireland two years ago and toured mainly on the west coast, and only spent two days on the east coast in Dublin, so we'll be visiting many new places this trip.

The Port of Cobh where many Irish emigrated by ship to America in the middle 1800's

I have labeled archived blog posts listed in my right sidebar under "Ireland" if you are interested in reading about our prior trip. It is such a beautiful country, and we had so many wonderful memories that I wanted to share around St. Patrick's Day of this year.

The Blarney Castle, County Cork

Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, County Kerry

I will not have Internet access while I am away, so I'll have quite a bit of catching up to do when
I return.

I will be very close to my 100 blog post, so I'm going to be looking for some Irish treats to bring back with me as a blog "giveaway" when I reach that milestone!

Until then ..... SLAINTE! (Gaelic for "cheers!")


Beverly said...

Pat, I'm so happy for you to get to make a return visit to Ireland. Your pictures are lovely. And, of course I am excited for you to return to share your adventure.

Be certain to get baby things. After all, you have a new one coming.

Kathleen Grace said...

Ohh, I have always wanted to go there! I cant wait to see your pictures. Have a wonderful time:>)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip! I will be anxiously awaiting all the wonderful pictures. :-) Rosie

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You have the most fantastic vacation ever! I look forward to your return knowing that we are all going to benefit from your journey back to Ireland. Yay! Have a blast!

Donna said...


Sounds like an exciting trip! I'll bet it will be absolutely beautiful!

Have fun, eat well, take lots of pictures, dream about that new grandbaby, and be safe!

~ Donna

steviewren said...

Erin Go Bragh! Have a wonderful time. I can't wait to see your pictures when you return.

I perused your Ireland files and see that you have already been to some of my favorite spots. The Rock of Cashel was stupendous. The hotel we stayed in in Dublin was directly across the street from your shot of Christchurch. You probably stood in front of it to take your picture. If you didn't visit the village of Howth on your last visit take the commuter train from Dublin out there. It is lovely and is just at the end of the line.

Have fun some extra fun for me!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

A baby!! How wonderful!

And now you get to go back to Ireland. I am going to get there someday...Looking forward to your pictures.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Being an Irish girl myself, I have to say this is a dream vacation!

I was going to go there with my brother next year but then he had his stroke. So, it may be put off for awhile. But someday, someday I will make it there.

You are one lucky girl!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!
Wes has lost approximately 40 lbs over the last year and a half and thinks he may be able to fit into one of your suitcases if he "sucks it in" a bit!!
Have a wonderful vacation you blessed girl! Grandma AND Ireland! WOW!!
Hugs, Sherry & Wes (the stow-a-way)

Deb said...

What a wonderful post on your trip to Ireland. It is on my "travel wish list" .

Marina Capano said...

Hi!!!!wow! you were nice trip. Your pictures are so cute!!! I love Ireland!!!!Would do you like particip in my virtual party! I hope so!!!!

Lisa B. said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the music! Have a wonderful trip. I'll be anxious to hear about it when you get back!

Mrs. B said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous! Ireland is one of the places I really want to go see! It looks so beautiful! I think I first discovered your blog during your last series of Ireland posts. I look forward to seeing more after you return from this trip. Have a wonderful time and take LOTS of pictures!

And by the way, my Mom has Scottish ancestry. She uses Slainte as her regular toast!

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Wow after reading all these comments I'm always amazed how much everyone loves Ireland!! I think we get blinded by the bad weather and complain a lot, from today I'm stopping as the grass is def greener on this side:) Have a great trip and make sure you check out the Italian quarter on Ormond quay in Dublin for a little piece of Italy:)

Picket said...

hey girl...I am so happy for you getting to go away to some place special with hubby....hope you have the best time ever Pat...take plenty of pictures and make plenty of memories to bring back with you...Take care friend....oh if you're gonna bring me back a T-shirt from Ireland make mine ex-large..that way the shamrock won't be stretched out so bad!!!! lol lol

willow said...

Happy Travels Pat!

I sure wish I was going along, too. Have a wonderful time and take plenty of pix to share with us when you return.

You will be missed!

Rue said...

Pat, I am so jealous! Do you think they would notice me and Rich in your suitcases?? ;)

Thank you for for everything you said about the farmhouse. When I read you were leaving I skipped right over everyone else to wish you a safe trip. Have fun and I would love it if you brought back a four leaf clover for me ;)

Big hugs,
rue :)

dana said...

Our family has Irish roots---what a dream trip that would be! Have a ball!

Loretta said...

Have a great trip! I've always dreamed of going to Ireland. Bring back lots of green memories!


I love the music Pat, my uncle would love it too. By the time you see this comment you will be home, so I hope you had a fun-packed trip and not too many Guinnesses! x

Junie Moon said...

Oh, I am so excited for you. What a fabulous trip and I know you'll enjoy every single minute of it. Have a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing all about it upon your return.

PAT said...

Hi Pat,
I've enjoyed catching up with you, this morning.

By now you've probably departed for Ireland. Have a lovely trip!

Congratulations on your expected Grandbaby! Grandchildren, forever, change your life, in the best way! I'm so happy for you!

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hello Pat! It was so nice to meet you through Pennys blog! Thank you for your visit. Your pictures are beautiful from your gosh! Congrat's on the upcoming baby too! xoxo ~ Joy

Jeanne said...

Pat, I clicked on your site because your name is so interesting and Beverly, my dear friend, loves your posts. I love the mille fiori Pattern and have a few pieces of glass.

I am thrilled to hear about your trip to Ireland. My father was Irish with black hair and blue eyes. Quite handsome and delightful to be around. He was always singing and made our childhood wonderful. I would love to go to Ireland some day.

Blessings on the coming of your first grandchild. Love has new meaning when grandchildren come along.


Linda's Blue Gate said...

What a glorious county.... looks like ... well a whole different world than here in Texas...
Have fun... be safe

Terri said...

Bon Voyage! I hope you enjoy your trip to Ireland.
And congratulation on the coming grandbaby!
God bless.

Cori G. said...

I could not be any more jealous of you right now. I WANT TO BE IN IRELAND! I hope you have such a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear all about it when you come home. May the luck of the Irish be with yee lassie.
Have fun! Cori

Gina said...

Wishing you both a wonderful time away Pat!! What an exciting escape ~ so looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it on your return :O) p.s M & I got married to theme from Harry's Game ~ so beautiful!

M.KATE said...

wow..IRELAND, how exciting, was there many moons ago, lovely place and happy weekend :)

CatHerder said...

Oh you are so lucky!!!! I have wanted to go for grandmother was in County son wants to go with friends for graduation in two years, i want to go with him!!!! Have a wonderful time, i want to see plenty of pics!!!! Have a Guinness for me!

Tracy said...

So exciting! And so wonderful to see you in the photos, Pat! It was great fun too to see your past trip to Ireland. Wishing you & your hubby a safe and very happy trip! Will look forward to hear/seeing about it when you get back! I hope some day hubby and I will get to Ireland as we love the UK all in all. Wishing you the happiest of days ((HUGS))

Tara said...


I can't wait to see where you've gone, I know I'll be going, too! Enjoy your trip and look forward to all you have to share!


smilnsigh said...

I'm sure you are having a wonderful holiday!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Have a wonderful trip and Have a fabulous weekend!

kari & kijsa

Kathy said...

Hi, I found myself at your blog while reading Rue's latest post, I just liked your name Mille Fiori, Your Blog is great and I love all your Irish music, Have you heard the "Westlife" version of "you raise me up", it is pretty good. I am off to the UK next week and will spend 4 days in Dublin, your photo's are great, I cannot wait!!. Hope you had a lovely time. Best wishes, Kathy

Betsy said...

Well, congrats on the upcoming grandmother title! How wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful visit in Ireland. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories!

Cynthia said...

Pat, I have been taking a leisurely scroll through your blog and your warmth, love and generosity just shines through. Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping me to discover yours!

Congrats to you and the family on impending arrival of the first grand child!

Enjoy the trip to Ireland and pleasure share all that you did with us, well, not everything ;)

So nice to meet you!

Mermaid Queen said...

Have a wonderful time Pat. Your photos are beautiful. Take care, Martha

Susie Q said...

Oh how wonderful! I am so happy for you and just a wee bit envious as well! : ) I hope to go there someday soon, but, till then, I will look forward to seeing it all in your photos!

Enjoy every moment!!!


Miss Jean said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip. I've always wanted to go to magic Ireland and maybe one day I can. Can't wait to see your pictures.

Rhondi said...

Congratulations on the baby, being a grandma is the best.
Hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland.
Hugs, Rhondi

Proud Italian Cook said...

Have a wonderful trip! Be safe!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Gorgeous pics of past trips...ah, the Emerald Isle....