Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back from Ireland! Some Dublin Doors

Hello everyone! I am back from our combination vacation and husband's three-day business audit in Dublin, Ireland!

We had a wonderful time and great weather. Most days were between 55 to 68 degrees, with some misty mornings that burned off to sunny afternoons.

The scenery and lore of Ireland is so beautiful, and the people are friendly and delightful. It really is a wonderful place to visit, and I'm so happy we were able to go back again so soon after our last vacation.

The only present "drawback" right now is that the American dollar is very weak in the exchange with the European Union Euro currency, as it takes approximately 1.58 U.S. dollars to equal one Euro, which makes everything, all goods, and services, more expensive as they are a half more in cost! Prices in Ireland and especially Dublin, are not low to begin with as they are comparable with prices for hotels and restaurants in New York City, so that fact made us a little mindful of budgeting as much as we were able to this time.

Dublin is a fascinating city full of history, art and culture. It is very walkable and there is the wonderful "hop on and hop off buses" that I described last time I visited, which makes sightseeing very easy.

We stayed in a few different hotels in the city center, so we were able to walk to our destinations most of the time, and I enjoyed snapping photos of all the colorful Georgian doors that are prolific in that area. The 18 century was called Dublin's "Age of Elegance," a time of prosperity where elegant townhomes were built by Irish gentry. Luckily, many of these buildings still survive, especially around Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Square.

They have become quite popular as tourist attractions, and there are posters and postcards available everywhere in Dublin that depict the most colorful ones.

I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorites! I think they would make pretty note cards, so feel free to print my photos if you'd like to make some.

I tried to find as many different colors as I could!

One very ornately painted door:

This door, which is located on Fitzwilliam Square, is a favorite for the tour buses to stop in front of to allow the tourists to take photos of it. We were told it is one of the few double doors and was made this way as the King of England once visited and there was a rule at the time that he would not enter through a single door.

There were also many pretty window boxes full of flowers attached to many of the Georgian homes. I thought this one was particularly pretty:

We took rail/bus day tours from Dublin to Northern Ireland and South Eastern Ireland, and west to Newgrange. I'll show some of my photos from all our excursions in the next few blogs, and more from Dublin too!

Now to catch up on as many blogs as I can .... glad to be home! I missed you all!

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Junie Moon said...

Welcome home! I'm so glad your trip was a success. The monetary fluctuation is beginning to deter even traveling just in the U.S. Gas prices are now in the outrageous range. Your pictures are glorious and would indeed make beautiful cards. I love all the colorful doors and the window boxes. My next house is going to definitely have window boxes.

Beverly said...

Welcome home, Pat. I missed you, but I knew that you would be showing us so many beautiful things when you returned.

These doors are just amazing. I tried to choose a favorite, but I just wasn't able. And, you know that I smiled at the pink doors. I would love to paint my back door going out to our rose garden pink, but my mother (who lives with us) would probably freak.

Dee Dee said... happy you had such a good time...what beautiful photos..I love the doors on the town homes...and think they would make lovely note cards. How fun to just poke around in another country taking it all in .. the culture, the people and all sorts of new a wonderful foods...I look forward to more pictures....Welcom home....Dee Dee

willow said...

Hey, welcome back, Pat. We missed you!

Love those doors. Reminds me of old Philadelphia.

Looking forward to hearing more of your trip!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hello Pat and Welcome Back!

Thanks for letting me know of your return..I popped over here and am I glad I did. I love looking at photos of doors....and these ones are exceptionally elegant and beautiful. I just adore all the different colours, to express the owner's individuality. And the glass surrounds, and wonder they are photographed by all the tourists. So lovely.

I am glad you had a great time, and now to peruse your blog, as I see I have missed some posts....

Glad you had a safe journey!


Hi Pat, sounds like you had a great time. Your pockets must be feeling a lot lighter though, you get nothing for the pound over here in England either. Anyway fun things can be free, like taking lots of photos. All the doors are fabulous and I can just imagine the residents trying to think of a colour no-one else has! x

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!!
Wes has heard of "window shopping" but never "door shopping"!
I'm so glad you're back Pat! I've really really missed you! I'm so happy you had a great time. The photos of the doors are fabulous!! I've never seen anything like it. What vivid colors and the transoms are beautiful. It's so inspiring. I had heard that the $$ exchange was not good on our side of it. But you've been there enough to know what to do when watching the budget. A good thing!
I'm glad you liked the Asian room. We had alot of fun creating it. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, some red & gold paint and BAM! it was a getaway in a room.
So happy to hear from you!
Big Hugs, Sherry
PS Wes said he would have stayed in Dublin, no problem. He just wants to get out of painting here at home!

Tara said...

HI Pat

Looks like you had a great time! I do understand the Euro is so strong now compaed to our dollar...I am sure you have seen NY filled with more tourists then usual. We had Irish friends come to NY in NOV just to go clothes shopping! It was wild!


Lisa B. said...

Those doors are beautiful! How fun to come home too. I really love the surrounding glass, some is so intricate! The window box is darling...reminds me I need to get my flower "displays" finished.

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Pat, glad you're back and had a good time. I always enjoy your photos of places that Ialways wanted to go! Ireland is one of them:>) Thanks for sharing for those of us less well traveled:>)

Dana said...

I just LOVED your door photos and your commentary about your visit. Also, I loved you music. I felt like I close my eyes and almost experience a bit of Good Old Ireland.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Great to have you home :-) What a loverly bunch of doors! I might have to paint every door on my house a different color, they are so cute! :-) Rosie

steviewren said...

Welcome back, it looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm glad the weather was so nice for you...not too much rain. That double door is fantastic. What was painted on the ornate one? It looks like each panel is different.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Welcome home. Looks like you had a grand time while you were gone.

I love the different color doors. Some are really bright and cheerful.

It looks so pretty there. Can't wait to see more.


Cori G. said...

Hi Pat,
I'm glad you made it back safely and had a wonderful time. I checked your blog this morning before going into work and noticed more lovely Celtic music so I assumed you were home.
It looks like you had a great tour of the doors! I love all the ionic columns and bright colors. The dbl. door is quite impressive too!
I hope to see more soon.

It's good to have you back in blogland.

Betsy said...

Welcome back...glad you had a wonderful time and looking forward to all the neat photos and tidbits of your vacation! Very neat doors! Love the ivy-covered building!

M.KATE said...

Hi Pat, WELCOME BACK and I've missed you :)

Wonderful pictures and I will be back to see the rest of them. Was in Ireland long time ago, always loved history so it was really a fun trip then.

I am sure you're going give us a whole load of Irish pictures, which I cant wait to see. You have a fun weekend.


Mrs. B said...

Hi Pat! Welcome home! We've missed you! I love the doors. Especially the red and blue together and the one on Fitzwilliam square. I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Gina said...

Welcome back Pat..It hasn't been the same without you around..but I'm so please you had a great trip. Let the tours begin! :) Love the coloured doors especially the purple one and the double doors are so decadent!
Thanks for your lovely birthday wishes.. helped make my day extra special! Gxox

Proud Italian Cook said...

Welcome home pat! Loved the pictures of the doors, so sad about the Euro though, hope that gets better soon! I just got back from vacation myself, stop by and check out my pics when you get a chance. Looking forward to more of yours.

Rue said...

Welcome home Pat!! I don't have a lot of time for blogs today, but when I saw your name I just had to pop over :)

Those doors are incredible, especially the one for the king! I can't wait to see more :)