Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing everyone a day full of love and sweetness. My husband and I will celebrate at home tonight. I'll make a nice dinner and cook some of his favorite foods -- homemade tomato bolognese sauce with pasta, meatballs & sausages, roasted vegetables, and a cherry cheese pie. He already gave me my Valentine's Day gift, by buying me one of my favorite things -- books from my wish list!

To celebrate today, here is a compilation of goodies to enjoy:

A nice history of St.Valentine's Day can be found on Old Fashioned Living

An abundance of Valentine sweets recipes and craft ideas here:

Find how to care for fresh flowers at The Garden Guide

Take the Hershey Candy Kiss quiz on the AOL Food Blog

Lots of love songs in Music To Fall In Love With on NPR

Buy a cuddly blanket covered with love sayings at Affirmagy

Chicken Food For The Soul has stories about secrets to make mealtime sweeter

How to make a Love and Roses cocktail.

Need ideas for aphrodisiacs to spice up your romance? The Food Network has them, and of course lots of Valentine themed recipes too!

Good Housekeeping has tips to make over your love life

Some interesting printables on and DLTK-Holidays

How to say "I love you" in 100 languages here

Take the animal mating game quiz and see who you resemble. I was a red winged black bird!

True Love Quote

Valentine Love Quotes

Hope these little goodies were fun to see!


Kathy Wagner said...

Hi Pat
I am dropping in to your blog to tell you that you are the winner of my One World - One Heart draw for the Heart Pin!
Please email me your address and I'll get over tp the post office.

Junie Moon said...

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear friend! This is a lovely post and so full of information (my favorite kind of blogging). Thank you for sharing everything with us. said...

Thanks for coming by to visit, I'm glad to hear you'll be a part of our birdie bling challenge!

Happy Valentines Day!

Wild-Oak-Design said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks so much for taking part in my OWOH give-away.

I am thrilled to announce that you are the lucky winner of my Handmade Card Collection!

The winners have also been posted on my blog.

Please drop me a line with your contact details and I'll ship your prize off to you shortly!

Congratulations ......and enjoy!


Lori said...

Pat, Happy Valentine's Day:) i hope you have a wonderful evening with your husband! i see you are doing beth and karla's birdhouse thing, me too! oh and guess what? in "real life" i work as an RN!!! thanks for popping over to see me today:) said...

I hope you had a great Valentine's day! I took the mating quiz and I am sea otter.

nzflutterby said...

Hi Pat,
I did some additional drawers on my OWOH giveaway and have an extra postcard for you. Email me through my profile on my blog.