Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Must Kvetch!

kvetch definition:
kvetch (kə vec̸h′)
intransitive verb
to be urgent or insistent; press; strain
to complain in a nagging or whining way
Etymology: <>

I interrupt my usual happy, hopefully informational, blog posts today because I feel a need, as we say in Brooklyn, New York, to "kvetch."

Instead of enjoying these last beautiful, albeit hot and humid days of summer outside, or doing my usual activity of enjoying visits to everyone's blogs and responding to your comments, I have been held captive by one of the local Brooklyn cable companies at my daughter's apartment for the past two days and a half!

I will not name names, but we have three possible cable providers in the NYC area, and two of them have given my poor daughter nothing but heartache and trouble for the last two weeks, I'll let you guess which ones they are. I am beginning to feel like they are all the same.

This saga began when my daughter had trouble for over a week connecting to the Internet via her cable modem. After repeated calls to cable provider # 1 they finally told her they must come out and check the problem where she lives. She scheduled an appointment, took a precious day off from work, and waited and waited, and waited.

No one showed up.

Angry, she called the company and complained, and they assured her she would be first on the list the next day. Instead, she arranged for them to come in the late afternoon, as she would work a half day and come home early.

No one showed up.

Angry and upset, she called and canceled her service with company # 1 all together.
Next, she called cable company # 2. "No problem!" they told her! "We are happy to have you as a new customer!" Can we give you the moon and the stars and, hey, we'll throw in a few constellations, they told her! ( of course at this point I am being facetious )
Since my daughter did not have anymore time to take off, I volunteered to wait at her apartment for her appointment to have this wonderful, promising cable company arrive and connect her to their modem. I waited and waited and waited.

No one showed up.

I called, she called, my husband called, all through the day complaining that no one showed up. "Oh! We are so sorry!" they said. "Our technician ran into a few problems and is running late, but don't worry -- he will show up! Please be patient!" So I waited and waited and waited. My husband came home from work. My daughter came home from work. It was 8 PM

No cable installer showed up.

Oh! But he did call her! Yes -- the cable modem installer called her to tell her that now it was too late to come, and it was dark, and he couldn't work in the dark anyway, so why didn't she call and reschedule her appointment? My daughter refused. "No!", she said, "I will not let you off the hook. You made us wait 8 hours. I want my modem installed now! If I showed up eight hours late for my job I would be fired," she told him. He told her she was unreasonable and hung up.

Customer service at cable #2 was so apologetic when they were called with our complaints! "We are so sorry," they said, "we will schedule you first thing in the morning, from 8 AM until 11 AM. So, at 7:30 AM this morning I went over to my daughter's apartment, which is on the other side of Brooklyn from where I live, and I wait and wait and wait.

No one shows up.

I call the dispatch number to see what has happened now, what possible excuse they can give me, and they tell me they have no record of a work order for this address! Now my blood pressure is boiling! They assure me that they will send someone in the next four hours. "Please be patient," they said.

No one showed up.

Unfortunately, my daughter can not try cable provider # 3, as they don't serve her area. We are stuck in this horrible cycle of waiting for someone to show up and do their job. In this day and age of recession and lay offs I would have thought that everyone was concerned about keeping their job, and to that end would be working at top performance. I guess not.

So I wait and I wait and I wait.

If you are still here, thank you for listening, and if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!
Update 8/25/09 My daughter finally has her cable! It didn't end, however, without one more headache, because her friend came over to wait for the cable man today, and in the process got a parking ticket because she forgot it was alternate side parking. YIKES!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode about the very same thing!!!

So frustrating and a hundred kinds of wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my heart aches for you. Nothing seems to work right anymore.

lisa said...

i'm SO frustrated! and i miss my internet :-(

Diane Costanza Studio said...

Here on LI, the same thing happened to my mom, missing a day of work and no one showing up. It turns out they fixed the problem outside and just left. No knock on the door or phone call. She never had to take the day off.

I work in an office and often come across people of debatable intelligence that make me wonder how they keep their jobs at all with such horrendous work ethics. Unfortunately, the guys who do the hiring are just as bad as the hirees and could care less what you go though.

I could tell you similar stories about Town Hall that delayed our house construction for two years, but I don't even want to relive that horror.

Well, I am thinking about you here in hot LI, hoping he shows up to do his job soon for you.

steviewren said...

Open the window and yell "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" I don't really think this will get the guy there any sooner but it might make you feel better.

pammiejo said...

I would be furious beyond belief. I'd look into what other way (like bundling with a phone service, etc.) to get my service some other way. Or, there's the lady that went to their office when she was treated like that and started smashing their computers with a hammer. She got what she wanted plus a small court deal - she thought it was worth it.

Carol Murdock said...

It's no wonder half the country is dropping with strokes and heart attacks in their prime! Just dealing with basic problems can kill you! I went through a somilar problem with Direct TV, switch to Dish Network, so far no problem!
I googled Direct sucks on the advice of another blogger and found out I was at the bottom of a long list of unhappy customers!! HA! Hope someone shows!

Ciao Chow Linda said...

Pat - That is a horrible way to treat customers. Aside from writing letters to the president of the companies involved, why don't you ask to speak to a supervisor or whoever is the boss of the person taking the orders? I would also name names of the companies on this blog. I feel your frustration and hope it all works out.

happyone said...

I know exactly how you feel!!! I have a few of those stories myself. Almost everyone I know has a story to tell!! It is so frustrating dealing with those people. Believe me I feel for you and your daughter!!!
Hope things get resolved soon!!

Arlene Delloro said...

This is too familiar. Lucky daughter to have a choice of 2; we have one cable company, so imagine how well they treat us. My suggestion involves cement. At the very least, they should through in a bunch of free channels. Don't be shy about suggesting it either. I feel for you having to sit and wait and wait and wait.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Oh good lord!! I have had the same kind of experience with our cable provider here. And I'll name is Charter....they mostly suck. To bad for me as they have no competitors here.

That makes me insane. I share your daughter and your frustration. I mean have to take a vacation day to get cable?! That's just wrong. Why can't they hire people to work the hours that their customers are available. Isn't that how the rest of us set our hours of business? I don't know how they get away with it.

When that kind of thing happens to me I generally become as annoying as possible. I would probably start calling them every 5 minutes saying "he still isn't here". Sometimes they just fix your problem so you will go away:) I think there's something to that squeaky wheel axiom.

I also agree with the others who said you should name names and let them know you are doing so on the internet, always ask for the supervisor don't even bother talking to anyone else and for sure let them know you expect to be compensated for all the inconvience. You might not get it...but I would say I expect to be comp'ed dollar for dollar for the hours of work I missed. Sometimes they actually give it to you...and it really is only fair.

Good luck! Maybe try some yoga while your waiting to keep that blood pressure from boiling over;)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I see I'm not the only one who was reminded of a certain Seinfeld episode.

Horribly frustrating...and aggravating.

Willow said...

So frustrating, especially when you have very little recourse. I would agree with the option of calling supervisors.

Marg said...

We've all been there and it is so frustrating...Hang in there.
I love your new template.
I'll keep coming back and finding your in spite of your problems.

Joanne Kennedy said...

I know what you mean. It's almost like they don't care if you leave and go somewhere else because you won't get better service there either.

Here we only have ONE cable company and if you don't like them you have to get the Direct TV or Dish and then you are stuck with this UFO looking thing on your house.

Sure hope someone finally showed up for her.


cherie said...

oh wow, so sorry for the kvetch experience!

Anonymous said...

I know what you are talking about!! We have Time Warner Cable/RoadRunner. What a joke....
When they send out a repairman he is what 12 years old????? I don't think the last cable repairman had even started shaving.....
Oy vey!!
Hang in there....

Sea Witch said...

Kvetch away. There is nothing worse than waiting for the "service technician" and they never show up or call to say they are not coming. It is unprofessional and frankly, just plain RUDE. Espcially n this amazing age we live in where we are all hooked up electronically in some way. No excuse for them not communicating with you. Sea Witch

Tracy said...

OMG!! That is terrible... It is very much like a Seinfeld episode...espscially if it doesn't get resolved and goes over to another episode! Do hope thing will get sorted out soon... Are you still in wait mode?! I hope not...*sigh*... ((HUGS))

supplies overflowing! said...



Frustrating isn't the word! I remember crying as a new arrival to our apt. in California, after I waited ALL DAY for the phone co. to set me up with service. I'd felt so secluded that day. It was a gated apt. building, and the fellow TRIED CALLING ME ON THE PHONE to get access to my apt.! There was even a note for him on the intercom to call the super to get in. I DIDN'T HAVE SERVICE! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO HOOK ME UP! WHY WOULD HE TRY CALLING ME???
In this case, he showed up, but his brain didn't.

Junie Moon said...

I've been hearing the same horror stories about cable companies for some time now, and have experienced it myself. You and you family's experience with this is outrageous and nothing at all justifies the behavior of any of these companies. I suggest calling your local TV station and getting them to do an article about it as many other folks have been treated poorly by cable companies. We have such resources here with such "on your side" kinds of programs. Customer service has gone to hell in a handbasket over the years.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Pat, You are such a lady! I think a few expletives would have found their way into my rant if I were you or your daughter. We just went though the same situation with my daughters computer. She had full, next day coverage, which we pay a fortune for. Short story...2 weeks after our first call, they finally found her up in Vermont a school to fix it. We started calling in NJ, and had to switch as she went back to school in the interim. What we need is repair insurance for lost time!
♥, Susan

Betsy Brock said...

Ugh! Don't you just HATE that!? You have every right to nag and whine! LOL!

Unknown said...

Pat, I feel your pain! Hopefully, someone will show up to get your daughter connected to the internet and all this will be a thing of the past . . . cross your fingers! LOL!!

You've been on my mind dear penpal, I shall get a letter off to you before the weekend is out! I know . . . more waiting! LOL!!

Take care,

CatHerder said...

hi pat. I have been remiss in posting...on vacation, and horribly sick to boot...went out the other night to trinity pub in AC and had the guinness i went online to find a recipe...and to my surprise one of the things that showed up on the search was one of your posts LOL. Sonny is having friends for dinner tomorrow, so im making the stew, mashed potatos with onions and whiskey carrots...just wanted to say hi!

Sue said...

No suggestions but i do recall when daughter lived over on 50th. Street that she had a similiar situation with the missing cable men....they must have a clause in their union work for us you have to behave like an ass.....keep calling and complaining I guarantee you'll get a free month...or two.

GailO said...

Nothing like a good kvetch to help one blow off some steam! How I wish Seinfeld was still on!

Where I live there is only one available cable company and I have to say I have never had any problem with it....The times I have called with problems (including one Christmas Eve) the nicest people talked to me...The few times I have had them come to the house they were right on time, polite, prompt, and professional...I guess I am just lucky...

Unknown said...

oh how i hate cable drama. i'm SO sorry.

but I do love the word *kvetch*.

Nola said...

Sorry, no helpful suggestions. I know how frustrating it is, though, so go on and "kvetch" all you want.
BTW, I've gotta admit, I didn't know what that meant. Goody, I've increased my vocabulary; see blogging is a good thing!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Grrr. Cable companies! You would think since there's competition they'd step it up a bit. We only have one cable operator so they really, REALLY have us right where they want us (sitting home waiting for them all day, lol!).

aliceinparis said...

Horrible! They really have everyone over a barrel, Poeple get fed with #2 they go to # 1 . Fed up with #1 they go to #2. So frustrating!

Pat said...

I laughed and laughed! Oh, don't we know what your kvetching is all about. At my house we began the process in March of securing the appropriate connections and equipment for HDTV. Several servicemen and as many months later, we finally received said service at the end of August!