Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still Waiting for Autumn to Appear In Marine Park, Brooklyn

Marine Park is one of the Brooklyn, NY, parks I enjoy walking in every morning. Rain was threatening this morning, but I decided to take some photos, because I wanted to show everyone how the trees are still basically retaining their green color, as opposed to what I have been yearning for, this gorgeous scene:

This photo was taken last year, albeit it was taken in early November when our area was at peak autumn color! Aren't the trees spectacular?

We are expecting a Nor'easter storm in New York City this weekend, so I hope we don't lose all the leaves from the trees before they have a chance to display their autumn dress.

Already many leaves have fallen on the ground.

Because this park is very close to the coastal Salt Marsh located in this area of southern Brooklyn, it has a nautical theme, and the children's playground reflects that. Look at the pirate ship climbing and sliding apparatus! Yo Ho mates!

There is even a deep sea monster squid to climb over in order to find the sunken treasure chest!

Or perhaps a child would enjoy pretending that he or she was piloting this yellow submarine? Notice the cute open happy clam shell in the background.

There are turtles swimming by........

.....and a coral reef wall to explore.

Just notice the wonderful detail!

A brand new multi million dollar park field house is being built which will be a boon to the area as this park hosts many free summer concerts, fundraising walk events, as well as being the site for many sport activities.

There are many baseball/softball diamonds, plus large soccer, cricket and football fields. There are mile long walking, jogging and bicycle paths

There are also two bocce ball courts located in the park. Artists painted the sides of one of the courts with local scenes. The nearby 1700's historical Dutch Lott House is depicted in this mural.

The other side had this peaceful Native American scene. Archaeologists have determined that this park sits over an ancient Indian burial ground that dates back as much as 6,000 years! The area was a hunting and fishing ground for Native Americans from the nearby village of Keshawchqueren. Pits for cooking and preparing food dating from 800 to 1400 AD were uncovered in Marine Park, along with deer and turtle bones, oyster shells, and sturgeon scales.
I often think about that as I walk around the walking path, and I pay homage to those people who lived here long ago.

Bocce Ball is a sport that originated in Italy. It resembles bowling, but instead of knocking down pins the balls are tossed to hit other balls, similar to pool, to gain points. Check the link for a better definition. Local teams play tournaments in Marine Park, displaying much skill, strategy and competition.

The park also has multiple handball courts.....

....and multiple tennis courts, although a prior permit has to be obtained to use them in an effort to make it fair for all those who wish to practice or play on them during peak times.

There are also multiple basketball courts. Just a little autumnal tree color can be seen in these young trees. I took these photos early this morning, on a cool and overcast day, so there weren't many people using all these wonderful facilities, but on weekends and holidays, and during the nice summer weather, this park is well used and well loved.

Oh, and there are lots of grey squirrels who love the plentiful acorns they find all over the ground!

This little triangular garden is located near one of the park entrances. It is a memorial to a NYC firefighter Christopher Michael Bopp, of Engine 244, who lost his life fighting a fire in 1998.

If you have a few moments click to enlarge this plaque dedicated to his life story, and please say a prayer for him and his family.

This little garden on one of the other park entrances was still full of beautiful bright flowers. I love the pretty pink beach roses which I'm sure, someday soon, I'll be showing in more detail on a Pink Saturday post.
I'm very proud of this wonderful park and I've been delighted to show it to you today. As we live in a crowded city, our parks are all well needed oasis of nature. Hopefully, very soon, it will be full of some glorious russet, gold and orange leaves and I can finally feel that autumn has arrived!

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Juliana said...

Very nice pictures, love the change of the season...I enjoy seeing the sea creatures playground :-)

Anonymous said...

We don't have much color down here yet either, but you have a beautiful post today. It is so good to know that NYC has all those parks. That is showing us the good things in NY and not all the rough and tough. Stop over for a cuppa tea and see what was in my garden.

steviewren said...

Your trees look similar to ours here in Alabama. Just a little bit of color so far.

Children must love playing in the marine park. I love the giant squid.

It has done nothing but rain here for's so gloomy. It's beginning to get to me.

Ciao Chow Linda said...

What a nice park that is. Is there any spot of Brooklyn still left for you to tell us about? I've learned so much already. But I know you'll come up with other goodies. Fall has come late to us here in Princeton too, although there are a few trees here and there with brilliant color.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful... beautiful photos!!
I am in NE Pa. about 175 mi. from you ...elevation about 1500'... we have had snow all day. Now at 6:30 p.m. it is accumulating. We now have 2".... Here it comes!! Oy....
Have a Peaceful Evening!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lovely park, Pat, and I can't wait to see it in its fall dress, too!

It is HOT here. We are also having some weather, and we could actually use the rain in parts of Florida.

Love to you...


Sheila :-)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love watching the old men play bocce ball in Italy. I'm not sure which is more important the game or the chatter.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

A lovely oasis in the city...for sure! It looks like a great place to play or relax.

Your trees looked magnificent last November...give them a few more weeks.

Bocce ball is quite fun...whether one is Italian or not!

M.Kate said...

Thank you for the pictures Pat, I am always amazed at how different the trees look in different seasons. wish we have that here. Happy weekend/hugs/M

Lorrie said...

Pat the playground is just delightful. I bet the children who live nearby just love coming there to play.

The photo of the trees you look last fall is breathtaking. Our trees here in Greensboro are mostly still green and my lawn is a carpet of leaves that have come down during the last two days of pouring rain. I know we aren't guaranteed a beautiful Fall display every year, but I'm sure hoping we get some pretty color.

Junie Moon said...

You have such remarkable resources around you. I never tire of hearing about them and seeing your photographs.

We like bocce ball and frequently play it in our backyard on weekends.

I will indeed say a prayer for Christopher Michael Bopp.

She Was Old Fashioned said...

I posted in your last weeks, Lovely photos of the park in Brooklyn NY! thanks for sharing.

RNSANE said...

This is such a wonderful park - looks like it has appeal for all ages. Bocce ball is a favorite in San Francisco, especially for the older Italian gentlemen, who gather in the North Beach area, to play.

I do hope you get your fall foliage before a rain storm whips in to strip the leaves from the trees.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would stop in as I have an Award for you....
Love, Marilyn

Gracie said...

Fall is my favourite season of the year just because of its colors, much warmer than spring and summer ones!
Thanks for sharing "your" park today.

guild-rez said...

Great pictures..
Here in our area around Toronto the change of colour is happening now very quickly. Because of the large amounts of rain we received during spring and summer in the North/East of Canada as well as in the USA trees and plants have too much moisture. But with rain/snow and frost over night many leaves will drop before showing their beautiful colours.
Have a wonderful weekend,
hope you'll see some nice coloured leaves,

Just a little something from Judy said...

Another walk with you via pictures, that I have never taken. You have a way of making it all so interesting and informative. What a beautiful, sprawling park. Thanks again for sharing it with us.

CatHerder said...

We have virtually nothing here as hoping the weather doesnt stay as cold as it is worried the leaves are just gonna drop off without even turning....I am going to Rhode Island to check out the university with my son in a couple weeks.and hoping to bolt over to Salem while we are in the vicinity.....hoping to get some great shots of new england in fall!

Anonymous said...

What a neat park! I love the photos of the trees from last Fall! We are just starting to see some color here, but I don't know what all of this COLD RAIN is going to do to them!!

Jenny said...

I'm waiting, too! ha! That field house is going to be amazing! Can't wait for your tour when it is!

Karen said...

A beautiful place to walk.
I'm surprised to see that your trees are so green yet. I live in Maryland and ours have much more color.
What an unusual playground. I bet the kids love playing there.

Claudia said...

What a lovely walk! I hope the leaves get to change color for you. I am waiting for autumn - only because it has been winter here.

Donna said...

The leaves are green here too, maybe in a few weeks we'll see some changes. What a nice park. Enjoyed the photos.


Marg said...

It looks like your park looks great whether its November or early Autumn. Let's take a walk together.
Your little grandson is just so cute. Mine is napping right now.
My favorite part of each week.

Catherine said...

Very nice. I hope you get your Fall colors soon. The park is beautiful.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!

What a beautiful park - the leaves are just starting to show some colors here & there in Ohio. And many leaves have fallen here before really turning on the trees here also. Rather unusual.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, sherry

Proud Italian Cook said...

Those trees are beautiful Pat! Lots of trees have turned here too, but still more to come, although it feels like winter already!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Still waiting for mother nature to get her paint pallet out here in New Jersey too. The kids park with the under sea theme is way cool! Love the squid. Thanks for another great tour and by the way...that was a good Yankee's game last night...hope they get to play tonight.
♥, Susan