Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moving Tips?

I've been pretty busy the past week trying to de-clutter my house in order to put it on the real estate market. My house is usually neat and clean, but I have to admit I've accumulated a lot in the 36 years I've lived here! This is just one of the many bookcases in my home, as I and my family are avid readers.  Yes, those are record albums on the bottom shelf that we've never had the heart to dispose of, and a Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia set that we bought when we were first married, that I'm sure is very outdated. I've actually weeded through this bookcase once already, disposing of an entire shelf of my nursing school textbooks from decades ago, and novels that we've read, but I replaced them all with cookbooks that were in my kitchen.  Obviously I will have to do lots more work on this bookcase along with three other bookcases in my home.

I also found out I collect way too many periodicals and information booklets and recipes ripped from magazines or printed off the internet. I've lost count of all the bags full of recycle that I've put out for the NYC Sanitation Department!

Meanwhile, my husband has been shredding and recycling a 6 foot tall file cabinet full of old receipts, bills, tax forms, school papers, etc., etc. The black bags are being filled up flower pots, baskets, knick-knacks we don't want, used candles, old craft supplies, anything not for recycle that we know will not move with us.  There will be many more bags like this going out over time.  I am also filling up many bags with clothes we no longer will use, which I donate to a local charity that recycles them

We found out Best Buy will accept electrical items such as TV's, computers with the hard drives removed, DVD players, cell phones, etc., for free recycle at their stores. The also have bins in their lobby where you can leave printer cartridges, CD's, Batteries, etc.  You can read a list of their FAQ's on this link.

Now I'd love if you, dear reader, can give me some moving tips!  Once all the basement, attic and garage clutter is gone what do we do next? How do you prepare a home for showing? Did you stage your house? Put things in storage? Where did you find moving boxes and reputable long distance moving companies? How did you pare down your furniture and possessions?  Do you have packing tips? Although this is a lot of work and we know we have a few more months of work ahead until we pack, we are very excited about our upcoming move to Colorado and the new chapter in our lives. Thanks for all your friendship and help as we embark on this new adventure!

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Steve Finnell said...

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think the best tip is just to declutter and make the house neat and clean...which I'm sure it already is! And since you're moving to a bigger house, I wouldn't worry about getting rid of much. We ordered our boxes from Staples and it was nice to have the same size boxes for everything. have a lot to do! But I know you'll do great!

Claudia said...

I am not only doing my mother's townhome (3600 sq feet - packed!) but also mine. One rule of thumb is from our agent was to move out a lot - roughly 50% of stuff when showing so that people can imagine their own stuff in there. I also took a medium sized box and vowed I would not keep any more cards that didn't fit into that box and really looked at each one (hundreds also from students) and kept some and ruthlessly tossed. Later, it's amazingly calming.

RoeH said...

Wow- What a job. Overwhelming.

Barbara F. said...

I would not spend more than necessary. As long as it is really deep cleaned and sparkling, you are fine. Your real estate agent (if using one) will advise you. Nothing says a seller is "anxious" like having packed boxes stored anywhere. Declutter by all means but don't start packing boxes. Remove family photos, people have a hard time visualizing themselves living there if there are photos all over of another family. I always had a bunch of fresh flowers some where, and a few times baked cookies which I had out for potential buyers. If your kitchen (the one room that sells the house)is not updated, play up all the good points and definitely bake something. Use your Scentsy beforehand and let it fade a bit. I played soft music, (instrumental). And, of course, get yourself a statue of St. Joseph and bury him upside down in your yard or a flowerpot. Works like a charm. If it is meant to be, you will soon be on your way to CO! Best of luck to you and Vinny, and I miss your NYC blog already. I'll never know what is going on again, unless I make an effort to deal with the traffic, crowds, and other phobias I have, not the way you so beautifully and eloquently presented it. :( xo

Sheila said...

We always repainted before we put our homes on the market. Our moves were always paid for but if we had to pay for the move ourselves I would weed through my books once again and discard anything that isn't a very special book. I would always de-clutter before listing and I would store things not on display under the beds. Collections make a home feel older so i would definitely store them rather than have displayed. Create some empty space in each room to allow for the buyer to see possibilities. Your husband is wise to start shredding now - it really takes time to make decisions on what needs to be kept. Best of luck!

camp and cottage living said...

Moving is so hard! It sounds like you're doing what the experts tell anyone wanting to sell their home-
Declutter. Big time!

Old Kitty said...

I think you're doing brilliantly with all your packing! I mean we are talking nearly 40 years' worth!! Phew!! Well done you and hubby!! I think once you have pared down and stored all that you want to take with you - then "housedoctor" your home! I've only been involved in two house sales but in both cases it was deep cleaning and de-cluttering and almost turning the property into showrooms that clinched the sale for us! As for packing tips - I say labelling which box contains what is essential and finding a good storage space!

Take care

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

You could try having an estate sale to lighten the load, just be prepared to part with your "stuff" . . . I do not envy you!

Skye said...

I agree that you need to declutter and remove things from the room that might make it look smaller, open the shades - more light the better. Unfortunately you need to try and make the house look like something anyone could move into. Some buyers simply cannot visualize with too much stuff :(. And someone commented about taking down most personal photos - sad but true! It's a rough market out there and you need to do anything that can give you the edge and make a potential buyer be able to see themselves in your home! Good luck! Where do you want to move??

ellen b. said...

House showing tips we've received in the past is to de-clutter and remove family framed photos off the walls, clear off the front of the refrigerator. (no magnets or list or photos, etc.) Take out bulky furniture that makes a room look too cluttered or small. Remember if you aren't that attached to something don't take it with you. It might cost more to move it than it's worth.
You are off to a real good start Pat!

eileeninmd said...

Hubby and I started downsizing already and we are not planning any moves for the next 3-4 years. I heard baking chocolate chips cookies is a great idea to have your house smelling LOL, delicious.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Pat, I've been away from blogging most of August so am just learning that you are moving. I can't offer any suggestions as we've lived in the same house for 35 years and I'd be in the same boat as you! lol All the best,

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

I have bought and sold several homes. Remove all family photos. Pack away small trinkets - you can fit a box or two in a closet with those. Keep counter tops and table free of clutter.

As for moving tips. Pack two boxes that you will keep with you. One will be filled with two fresh bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. Soap, shampoo, toilet paper, toothbrushes and tooth paste and a set of sheets/blanket.pillows. When you walk into your new home, hand carry it out of your car directing into the master bedroom or bathroom. The second box, fill with two plates, bowls, coffee cups, two glasses, two sets of forks, spoons, knives, a fry pan and a sauce pot. Spatula, wooden spoon, salt, pepper and sugar. Coffee, filters, coffee pot, paper towels and paper napkins. Carry that box right into the kitchen and put on top of the counter. That way the night you move in you will have what you need for the night and the next morning.

Ciao Chow Linda said...

When we moved to Italy, we rented one of those "pods" and it sat in the driveway, while we took our time filling it with what we needed to remove from the house in order to rent it. this could be a good idea for you when you're decluttering but want to keep more than would be appealing in showing your home.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

One more thing. Keep the shades and curtains open when showing. Make sure the windows are clean too. Do NOT use scented oils or candles. That just makes it seem like you are trying to cover odors. I can't tell you how many houses I have walked out of that had scented glade etc in their homes.

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Oh my goodness, I am just catching up with blogs - I can't believe you are moving!! I hope everything goes well with the purging and decluttering. I hope you still still post about NYC - I have discovered so many great NYC things from your blog, thank you for that!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

We've moved a LOT. We've left some houses vacant and it took them a long time to sell, other sold right away. Depends on your location and whether it's hot. My BIL says Brooklyn is the new Manhattan and the young hip crowd wants to live there. That's a good thing as Martha Stewart would say.

Moving boxes are easy to find at Home Depot or Lowe's along with very nice heavy white packing paper. Forget newspaper - it makes your fingers black. Use the white paper. Wrap china and breakables in three pieces of white paper and don't skimp. Interview movers and decide who you like the best and check their reputation. You're moving a long way and you want to know your stuff is safe on the road.

The very best tip I can give you is to buy a notebook and keep a detailed log of everything that is in every box. This will save you a lot of time when you unpack. Number the boxes, put the numbers of the boxes in the log book, and then write in the log what's in every box. You'll never have to search for anything when you arrive at your new home with this system.

When you pull out of the drive, don't look back. I've never been sorry for any move and we've moved probably a dozen or more times. Life is full of adventures. Enjoy this new one where you'll be near your family. You deserve it.

Big hugs,

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I just read Penny's comment above about packing two boxes so you'll know where the essentials are when you arrive. I forgot that one and it's a must. Your first day or two will be much better if you follow her tip.

Bet you never thought when you wrote this how much advice you would get...

Sarah said...

We haven't moved in 15 years, and when we last moved it was just to another house near our previous one. So our move was done in stages. I was still working, so I'd pack at night, my husband would move those boxes and unpack during the following day. It made the move rather easy. Then we had a moving company move the furniture on the final move out.
I think getting rid of things now is smart. No reason to pay to move things you know you aren't going to need or want. They say, a home shows best if it just has the essentials. So perhaps packing and storing some things might be helpful. But I don't speak from experience. Our home was empty when we sold it, and personally I think a home shows better if it's furnished.
Good luck with your move. I know it's a lot of work, but sounds like you have time to do it in an organized fashion. That' I can speak to. It's great!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Pat! I've been away too long! I can't believe you are moving out of NY! Even though I am so happy that you will be near your loved ones and those adorable grand babies, I must say that I will miss your stories of NY!!!! Please show us CO in the same way. As far as moving ideas--oh I have so many opinions! Get a good realtor, declutter, including taking away anything you don't want people to touch (you wouldn't believe how some buyers behave!!) and always ask yourself, "Is this item worth enough to me that I will pay to move it?" You will be amazed how much easier it will be to get rid of stuff! You must also decide whether you will pack the boxes yourself or have the movers do the packing. And get a VERY reputable mover!! They really vary. Good luck! I will be sad knowing you are not just down the road! Linda

annie said...

Label each box carefully as you pack. You will be glad you did when you arrive at your new home.
Try to use color coding for various rooms and have your movers place the colors in their assigned room. Cuts down on the work.
Don't pack up drawers with non breakables. Just put heavy board over top and wrap with tape. Saves time when you get there. Just untape and place into the furniture.
You can also save time by bunching clothing on hangers into a huge lawn leaf bag and tying the hangers together at the top. You can tie up the bottom too.
I have moved many times and found these save a whole lot of time.

annie said...

Here is how to do the clothes/coats, etc on hangers, just punch a hole for the hanger tops thru the top of each lawn/leaf bag. Tie up the hanger tops carefully. When you arrive they can be hung right up. Then later cut the ties and remove the bags!
I never packed up dresser drawers with clothing. Just put cardboard over top and taped them closed that way. So easy!

Willow said...

I've moved three times in the past ten years. My best moving friend? Flylady has a link for moving with great ideas. One of my favorites is to label boxes by the room they will be going in to at the new house. Oh, and label them on three sides: top, one end, and one side. As you are deciding what you will give away/sell and what you will take with you, remember only keep what is useful, what you love, and what has a happy memory.

Pondside said...

Hi Pat - I haven't read the other comments, so apologies if there's duplication. After more moves than I can count and selling many houses, here are my top tips.
Winnow, purge, get rid of stuff and then go back and do it again.
Rent a storage locker and put into it all the things that make your house look small - extra chairs, ottomans, small tables - all the things for which you are willing to pay a fee pre pound and don't want to get rid of. Also put into it at least half of what's in every clothes closet in the house.
Think 'model' home and remove most knick knacks from table tops, dressers etc. Put away the family photos. Wash every light fixture and window.
Make sure that when you leave the house every day that there is nothing wet, damp or personal in the bathroom - so get a basket and put toothbrushes etc into it and stash it after your morning routine - ditto for the kitchen sink area.
The goal is to make it easy for people to envision themselves in the house.
Good luck!

Ola said...

it's hard to get rid of the books, isn't it? I had to do it lately (well, my case we did not move but allergy) and it was tough:)

Blog about life and travelling
Blog about cooking

Tracy said...

Hi, Pat! WOW... you do have a LOT of books and other goodies! ;o) While we weren't moving, we have been down sizing recently--including donating away a lot of books! We had a set of encyclopedias too, but could not get any takers on those, so they went to recycling... sad, but true. Books are hard to part with. But we're looking for less is more life now. House showings and the whole moving process is not easy. When we sold our city apartment before moving here, we were lucky to be able to store a good many things at TJ's parent's house to make for a neater appearance for showing. Removing very personal items is a good idea--family photos and the like. Don't leave out too many thinns like personal choices of perfume, creams, soaps, etc. The less knick-knacks the better too. The actual moving day, be sure to feel happy--think new chapter, and don't look back. So very excited about this next phase for you, Pat! Lovely to catch up with you after a brief hiatus! Happy Weekend ((HUGS)) :o)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I am no help at all. I went from my parents house to the house I am in now and here I stayed. So no moving tips. I do watch the staging real estate shows from time to time and they always say less is more. What they suggest is if the current owner has too much of their belonging around the buyer can't picture their things in the home. Good Luck!

diane b said...

You sure have been given a lot of tips, hope it all helps.
declutter as you already know is the way to go. I sadly got rid of our encyclopaedias when we last moved. With internet and online encyclopaedias the printed ones are unnecessary. We also gave away our record collection but we have occasionally regretted that but you can also get any choice of music on the internet too.
As others have said label the boxes or list the contents so when you are looking for something before you have unpacked everything stuff is easy to find. Also write the name of the room where the box would be best placed when it arrives at the new home.
Don't use boxes too big to easily lift when full just in case you need to move them. You can get movers who pack for you if you want.
When deciding whether you need to take something or discard it, ask yourself,"Have I used this in the last 12 months? If the answer is no, you don't need it.

Jenny said...

I always go to the copier store (fedex) and get boxes...they are smaller and all the same size which makes them easier to handle.

When we moved the last time, my first sweep was the de-clutter...books donated to schools, craft stuff to pre-schools, etc.

Next it was the "somebody might want this" phase. I put all the stuff I thought kids might like and asked them to stop by and pick through.

Then I started hard core packing. As in...can I get by with just this paring knife and butcher knife until we get in the new house?

i think you're on your way. It is a daunting task.

But, boy, the end goal is soooo exciting.

Jenny said...

Oops. Too much info I suspect, but I also made myself pack a minimum number of boxes every day. We rented a pod and stored the boxes there. I don't know that would work where you live.

GailO said...

No tips from me...I've been in this house for 36 years too and do not envy your challenge. I will be following the tips here though in case we finally downsize!

My daughter the librarian has told me that old encyclopedias can just go to recycling:( Libraries do not want them that is for sure!

Nellie said...

Actually, we listed our house one day, and it sold to the first person who looked at it - the next day! We had removed much of our personal collections that were visible, even moving some extra furniture pieces into the garage for showing the house.

We have a set of World Book that is outdated, of course; however, the grandson has really enjoyed looking at many of the volumes, often asking if he could take one home with him when he visits! Being avid readers ourselves, it is very difficult to part with books!

We had lived in our other house 31 years before we built this one 8 years ago! We got ready for moving for a year!:)

Best wishes to you!

Susie said...

Pat, When I moved here, I cleaned and threw away much "stuff" When I put the house in town up for sale,I left toilet tissue(plenty) paper towel, in the bathroom linen closets. I left a tape that came with our fireplace logs , in a basket by the fireplace. I left water filters under the sink, for the next owners. Everything was freshly painted. I cleaned all the windows inside and out. If broken things are fixed and everything is clean, I think that's the important thing about showing a house. Good luck,xo, Susie

Donna said...

Wow, so many good tips. I remember that putting all personal things away is what realtors tell you to do. And the more you declutter the more spacious your rooms will look. A good cleaning and fresh paint. Another thing is using all the same size boxes when packing makes it better for storing or moving.
Good luck, Pat.

Beth said...

Hi Pat, Congrats on your upcoming move! I, too, want to move to Colorado - it is one of my favorite places on this earth! (Got to wait till hubby retires before we can even think seriously about that). I'm not a good one to ask about moving. I've been married 36 years, and have during that time lived in two apartments, and two houses. We tend to stay put! lol
Best wishes, Pat!

Betsy Adams said...

Looks like you are getting tons of great ideas on how and what to pack... When GE and I got married 11 yrs ago, both of us got rid of MUCH of our stuff --so that we could start a new life together and start our own traditions. That has worked well---except for one thing. I got rid of alot of my parent's stuff which I had inherited. NOW---I'm sorry that I did that. SO --be careful what you get rid of --which you may want someday.

Have a great weekend.

elsie said...

when I've moved I "pack a suitcase" with the personal things I will need for the next few days after moving and I am a notorious moving box labeler - Kitchen may be nough info for the movers but I want to know what is IN the box so I wirte a little inventory info on the outside
you're going to do great!!

My Little Home and Garden said...

What a big task. I've been house hunting so am finding the tips very helpful.

Lori E said...

I am in a similar situation, but not to the point of marketing yet.
I would say to label everything clearly. Like with like maybe putting a big letter K for kitchen, O for office etc. on the boxes.
Even after we purge our 30 years of living in one house we also plan on renting a storage unit keeping only the essentials in the house so it doesn't look bare when showing.
Good luck.

Brenda said...

Pat! I will really miss your NY blog, but I'm so happy you will be near your family.

As far as tips are concerned, everyone has just about covered it all (especially Barbara F...great suggestions!). All I can add is try not to get too stressed out and take frequent breaks. God bless, and do keep us up to date.

Vee said...

Oh I'll be reading the comments looking for tips. When I sold my home, back in the dark ages, I made sure that it was as squeaky clean as clean could be and that there was always the aroma of something being baked. I left the home while it was being shown, but returned before it was finished being shown because I did not give the key to the realtor. No way. And I didn't sign a contract for six months or a year. I signed for a very short amount of time...I think it was eight weeks. I packed as much of the personal family items as I could away. One thing I did was set the dining room table as for a tea or food...just a tea pot and some stacked tea cups. I'm told that that is what made the first good impression. Oh, we had a wood stove and my home sold in March. Yes, the fire was going with cinnamon water on the hearth. All the best with your house sale...

Yay. I knew that Vinny would help with all that shredding and stuff. Ugh. I hate paperwork. Love that beautiful bookcase. Is it staying or going?

Are stagers expensive in your area? They're about $100 here and staged homes seem to have good results.


As a New Yorker, from Astoria-Queens, who lives out of the country; I'm sad you're leaving it, but you'll be close to your family and that's priceless!! Wow, that must've been lots of declutting after 36 years, we have 20 in this one and I bet it's just as bad! Good luck with the sale of your house and happy moving...I have no tips on it. Have a wonderful long weekend.

Houseelf said...

Hi Pat, as you know we are at that stage too, with our house on the market and hoping to sell. I followed William Morris' advice "Have nothing but what you deem to be beautiful or know to be useful". I tried to imagine my ideal home and what out of what we had would go in it.

Scan in important recipes on a disc if they are the only ones you use in a book, then you can let go of the book.

We took paintings off the walls and painted in neutral colours. It is hard living in a depersonalised house, but hopefully it wont be for a lot longer.

Roz said...

Hi Pat,
Oh my dear friend, I feel glad and sad for you in your moving process. Moving has been part of my life and in each move, I seem to simplify more . . . which is the good part. It feels SO GOOD!

To help sell our last home, we switched from a care-free, could care less real estate broker to a kick-butt broker who came in and told us what to do and the house sold in 2 weeks after one year on the market with the carefree realtor.

First, first impressions are made at the front of your home. Cut trees that HIDE it. Trim all bushes along the front wall and front gardens. Clean out all gardens and plant pretty flowers.

Clean your carpets. If you have animals, especially and de-orderize the house. Take all clutter out and off of any counter.

Remove old wallpaper.

Bake a loaf of bread or apple pie (I'm sure that you've heard of that before).

Wash windows and keep all window treatments open to let in the light.

Type up a list of the great things that have been done to the home while you lived in it. For us it was a new roof, new flooring throughout, new landscaping, etc. etc. Place this list in a strategic place where the client can easily see it and pick it up. Have a color photo inserted at the top of this list and in a fairly large size. Insert other color photos at the end of the list with featured rooms or items in the house.

I wish you the best and in your new home!


Betsy Brock said...

Oh, that's a big job! But not wanting to cart it all to Colorado is good incentive. Yep, the encyclopedias must go! ha. How exciting....I know you'll love living near the kids!

Amish Stories said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy Labor Day to you and your readers. Richard

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I think it's true what they say about moving - that it's one of the most stressful things we can do. Thinking of you!

Daphne Bryson said...

You have been given lots of good advice. We have moved many times and I found labelling boxes, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc made things a lot easier so when you arrive at your new home, each box has it's place. Also number your boxes and keep an inventory, so you know what is in each box, eg box 1, kitchen, saucepans, baking tins and so on. Laborious I know, but really worth it when you move to your new house. Good luck with your move. Best Wishes Daphne

steviewren said...

Even though I would love to move to a smaller house, I shudder at the thought of decluttering and deciding what stays and what goes....although I think the end result would be very freeing.

Roz said...

I received your message. You are SO WISE to interview different real estate agents and I wish we would have done so! We learned the hard way!

I also wanted to stop by and let you know that I have your blog listed in my new 'delicious blogs' blogroll over on my new Wordpress blog where I am moving to. I hope you can also follow me there because a day will come when I am going to stop my blog on Blogger. Please stop by and check your listing out and hopefully follow if you have time in the midst of your move:


Just a little something from Judy said...

My husband will be envious of you two and your move. His heart has been in CO ever since our first visit. I am so happy for you! I do hope you will share CO as you did NY. I learn so much from you and your beautiful blog. I wish you the best. Moving is a cleansing event, getting rid of the junk and starting over.

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Pat!

What fun you will have in your new life out West! Stage your house with things that you love that look inviting and fresh. Pack up the rest and store it. People want to see your house, not all your stuff. Your bookshelves need to be staged also. If only half the bookshelves have books and some decorative pieces, then people will think you have an abundance of shelves for them to put lots of their things on. Some things are just using "smoke and mirrors" as they say. Your showing people "their" future home, not your home.

You're gonna love this new adventure!! Love to you and Vinny
Hugs, Sherry

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I don't envy you...having to part with 'things'. We too still have our encyclopedia set from when the kids were wee. All the best with your move. It will be SO worth it once you are all settled in your beautiful new surroundings.

Carol said...

My only packing tip would be to buy Space Bags from Bed Bath and Beyond. They were amazing when I packed my daughter for college. We were able to take the car and not the truck!
Good luck and best wishes.

Lisa @ Grandmas Briefs said...

When we moved about four years ago, we did have a home staging pro come in and tell us what to do to help the house sell (it was the beginning of the housing market hell and we needed all the help we could get). My house looked great to begin with, I thought, but turned out she said all the personal things (photos and such) on the walls were a detriment. It was hard, but I removed all the photos from the walls long before I had planned to for the move. She also had us move about half of our furniture into the garage to make the house look larger (and, again, less personal).
As far as packing, all I can say is show no mercy. Pitch left and right all those papers you've saved "just in case." The "case" never happens and you'll feel SO MUCH lighter as you head into your new phase. Good luck on packing AND selling.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Pat!! I'm doing the same thing... and man, oh, man, how DO we collect so much!! Whew!! I am so excited for you and your being closer to your babies!! AND for the newest one on the way. We are so very blessed.

We are thinking of selling the bungalow... but, then my heart seizes and I back out. LOL!! blessings ~ tanna

The Single Nester said...

You're leaving the Big Apple? I will miss your NYC photos.

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Oh dear...I had no idea you were moving. I've been way behind reading blogs lately. I've always enjoyed your posts about NYC and try and catch up when I have some extra time. I'll miss those posts. I'm so envious of you being able to spend so much time in one place. Weren't you born in Brooklyn? We spent the earlier years of our marriage moving around a lot. My kids went to different schools and I always felt bad that they didn't have more stability in their lives.

I wish I had good moving advice. It's never easy. If your things aren't going into storage you can leave everything in your dresser drawers. Designate one draw for clean towels and sheets so you don't have to rifle through boxes looking for them first thing. There's nothing worse than not being able to make the beds and take a shower that first night in the new place.

My parents stayed in NJ and had no family in the area. I tell people now that they need to think about moving closer to their children while they're still young enough to start over. My parents didn't and inevitably their health started to fail. I didn't work, so I was the one that had to fly back and forth to NJ on a regular basis. I was up there for weeks when my mom was sick. She died at 80. Then I had to convince my Dad to move here and he was stubborn and didn't want to come. He had early Alzheimer's and I was worried sick about him. (He was driving to Port Newark every day!) It was only when he visited here and wandered out of the house at 5:30 one morning and didn't know where he was that he agreed to move. At that point he was in his late 80's. I firmly believe that at some point everyone needs to move closer to their grown children...long before it's necessary. It's only fair.

Cindy said...

Hi Pat,
Seeing as how I'm no. 60, you've probably read more advise than you'll ever be able to follow. I've sold several houses and they've always sold within seven days. I de-clutter, take down family photos and make my house look pretty.
Good luck!
Hugs, Cindy

Annesphamily said...

Time is on your side so take a little at a time! My garage is bursting at the seams so I have no real simple advice. We just plug away at it one day at a time! We have more books than the public library I am sure! Did you read about the lady who purchased a box full of stuff at a yard sale I think it was! She had an original Renoir in there worth $75,000 to $100,000.00! WOW!

Danny Sayers said...

Hello, Pat! I already have some moving tips for you :))

First of all you should consider which items you want to keep and which not. Then color code your boxes! It’s really easy to know where you should palce the items.. no matter books, magazines or some appliances. Whether for batrhroom, living room, or kitchen you just have the right colors on the right boxes!
I think this will help you for your next move :)

Danny Sayers said...

Hello, Pat! I already have some moving tips for you :))

First of all you should consider which items you want to keep and which not. Then color code your boxes! It’s really easy to know where you should palce the items.. no matter books, magazines or some appliances. Whether for batrhroom, living room, or kitchen you just have the right colors on the right boxes!
I think this will help you for your next move :)

Danny Sayers said...

Hi, again!
Soon I have met my friend, who has a moving company ( ) and he gave me more useful tips that I wanna share, like:
When interviewing a possible moving company, remember to ask what kind of training their movers and drivers go through before servicing customers.
Make your reservations for movers two to four weeks before your move day.
Obtain copies of your and your family's medical records, including any dental and immunization information, as well as any veterinary records for your pet.
Don’t use used boxes. 'Cause, you don't know if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions.
Remember to leave out cleaning supplies for the final “once-over” before closing the door :)