Monday, July 15, 2013

Take a Break With Newtons


Don't you just love the summer months? Summer came early to Colorado after a very snowy early spring. I've been enjoying the low humidity, moderate temperatures, and beautiful sunsets that this summer weather has been sharing with us this season. The nice weather also makes this a very busy time of the year for me in my already busy life.


I've been enjoying decorating our new home, and having a front yard and backyard lawn for the first time in my life! Taking care of our gardens can be time-consuming, but my husband and I love it.  Planting flowers and herbs, and mowing, weeding and watering the lawn, are all good exercise.

 My weekdays are super busy as I'm caring for my infant granddaughter every Monday through Friday, as well as doing fill-in babysitting for my grandsons. I'm also on a few committees and participate in leisure clubs that take place in our community.  On most weekends I get out my trekking poles...


....and hike on the wonderful miles of scenic trails in my neighborhood and nearby vicinity!

On weekends my husband and I hike, bike ride, swim in the community pool, and enjoy barbecues!

I've also been enjoying new, deliciously unique cookies from Newtons, specifically, Fruit Thins Banana Drizzled with Dark Fudge and Fruit Thins Coconut Drizzled with Dark Fudge! They are made with real fruit, with 8g of whole grains per 31g serving, and dark fudge. I was always a fan of Fig Newtons cookies my entire life, and this new line of cookies by Newtons are another way to enjoy the flavor of fresh fruit. They taste as good as homemade cookies, or even better as I don't have to put on a hot oven to bake them.

They are thin, crisp and full of delicious flavor! The dark fudge swirl topping on each cookie adds just the right touch of sweetness and indulgence.

Some busy mornings, when I am on the run, a few Newtons Fruit Thins are a very quick and satisfying breakfast. Since they are made with real fruit and whole grains I feel they can be part of a healthy meal.

Other times, especially after a long hike, I enjoy coming home and sitting on my house's shady veranda for a while, where I put my feet up and...

... have an espresso and a couple of Newtons Fruit Thins cookies as a treat.

I think they are the perfect afternoon "pick me up" or dessert for any time. I'd love for you to try them, and let me know what you think!
Visit to take a look at all the new Fruit Flavors and also get access to great tips!

* Full disclosure: I was provided with packages of both Newtons Fruit Thins Banana Drizzled with Dark Fudge and Newtons Fruit Thins Coconut with Drizzled Dark Fudge for this review and will be compensated for this post by Newtons and Blogher.  My opinions are all my own and were not influenced in any way by Newtons or Blogher.


Sarah said...

Pat, these do look good. I'm a life long fan of fig Newtons. '-)
CO is so pretty in the summer. How special to have those great trails right in your own neighborhood. Looks like life is good! ~ Sarah

ellen b. said...

Great summer shots! Love your trails!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Good Morning, Pat.... You certainly live in a gorgeous area now and have a beautiful home. I'm so happy for you!

I've never heard of those Newtons --and I guess as long as they don't have figs in them, I'd enjoy them!!!!! ha


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Can you take a stroller on the trails? I live how busy and happy you are!

Jenny said...

I love Newtons!

And I love the full, fun life you're experiencing there!

Massimo said...

what a nice post here !
and there is also an Italian Bialetti moka, yes , we call it "moka"... I use that as well, identical..
you leave in a beautiful place, ciao from Italy

Nellie said...

These sound like the perfect choice for that afternoon tea break!

What a lovely home, Pat! It sounds like you are really enjoying the area.

eileeninmd said...

Pat, you do live in a beautiful area and your home is lovely! What fun being able to watch your grandchilld! Lovely photos, I will have to try these Newtons!

Vee said...

You are crazy busy! You need some Newtons!

Pamela Gordon said...

There's nothing like cookies and tea any day is there? Your photos are beautiful and is sounds like you're really getting out and enjoying your new community. Having all those trails is really great!

Judy said...

It sounds like life is busy...and good!

The only Newtons I know of our fig Newtons. I'll have to check them out.

pam said...

I did my post on Newtons today too! They were so good!

Michelle said...

Life is sounding good in Colorado!

GailO said...

They do look delicious!

La Petite Gallery said...

Beautiful area, your house is lovely too. Going shopping this morning, I'll try the cookies.
You are missing the heat spell.


Margaret said...

Hi Pat, it looks like your busy and active loving life in your new home. It is beautiful, lovely photos :) Cookies!!! One of my favorites, and with a drizzle of dark chocolate... OH MY I must see if I can find those here! I have always liked fig newtons! These crisp fruit ones look divine. Life is good! Margaret from B.C.

Maria at inredningsvis said...

What a lovely blog you have here:) Do you have fb to follow with??

Check out my blog...If you want some cute Swedish decor inspiration:)

Have a grea weekend dear

LOVE Maria at

AdriBarr said...

Your photogaphs are always so beautiful. It must be wonderful to be surrounded by such majesty, and all the fresh air. I think we city dwellers are all a bit envious.

My husband ADORES Fig Newtons. Ditto for chocolate. Thanks for this one. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

Margaret said...

Hi Pat, I have not found these cookies here yet :((I'm cat sitting in the West End of Vancouver presently )Perhaps they have not reached us yet :( I'll keep looking lol They look so appealing and I am a total cookie monster hehe
If anyone knows where to find them in the lower mainland of B.C. Canada please tell... Thank-you :) Margaret from B.C.