Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

To my Dad, you were taken from us too young, and I miss you dearly.
Happy Father's Day in Heaven!

When I think about you I joyfully remember these things ..... bookcases full of books, kindness, baseball, car rides, pancakes, fishing, Coney Island, fedora hats and long wool overcoats, reading glasses in your shirt pocket, The Daily Mirror and The Daily News, Sans Souci Park, black licorice, white shirts and handkerchiefs, hazel eyes, patience, freckles, Army, television, the Jackie Gleason, Milton Berle, Phil Silver, and Red Skelton shows, blue suits, Mairzy Doats song, Pennsylvania, reliability, Million Dollar Movie, sense of humor, shrimp chow mein...... loving your family and being the best Dad I could have ever had.
Also, Happy Father's Day to my loving husband ... the best Dad my children could ever have!
I love you, honey!


PAT said...

Beautiful tribute, Pat!

Have a wonderful week.

Tara said...


WHat great guys in your life!


Anonymous said...

Pat, this is such a lovely tribute to your father. My father was young when he died.

I am blessed with a husband and son who are both wonderful fathers.

Dorothy said...

Hi Pat...I got your little message about the booka...I looked on Ebay for y ou and found A Child's Book of sign of Grandfather's Book...did you try Barnes & Noble online? Or you could go to any Barnes & Noble and they can order it for you... I found both of these in Home Goods...I hope you find it...I hope your having a nice weekend my friend...Dee Dee

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Pat, your father is so handsome! I'm glad you have such sweet memories...I'm sorry for your pain of missing him.

And your husband always looks so happy!! What a cutie!! Is that your lovely daughter with him? You know what I look too young to be her mother!

Southern Lady said...

Pat, thank you for stopping by "Southern Lagniappe" and for taking the time to say 'hello.'

Your tribute to your dad was very touching. I know you miss him.

You take care now ... I hope you have a good week.


Picket said...

Hello there! I loved this beautiful post..oh the sweet memories you cherish of your dad! Hope you have had a beautiful day with your hubby and family..take care!

kari and kijsa said...

Happy Father's Day!

kari & kijsa

Marg said...

You look gorgeous. I have not seen your picture accept for the NY Bridge.
My dad left my early also, so I can feel along side you and it's so great to love the one and only. It's truly a blessing.

Marg said...

You look gorgeous. I have not seen your picture accept for the NY Bridge.
My dad left my early also, so I can feel along side you and it's so great to love the one and only. It's truly a blessing.

Kathy said...

Good morning Pat, your tribute to your dad was so beautiful and touching, you are such a lovely person and the photo of your dad gave me a warm feeling that he was a wonderful person aswell, I can see you miss him very much.
Your husband and daughter look so happy together, glad you all had a beautiful fathers day, with lovely memories.
Thank you for stopping by Belton House and your lovely comments and good wishes for my parents.
I have now proudly displayed My first award, thanks again, you help me so much I even stole haha your world widget and saw I had a hit from Australia, oh sooo exciting. speak soon, hugs, Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I responded to your me-me tag on my post today.

Have a great Monday.

lisa said...

i most definitely do have the best father i could ever hope for...and the best mother too!!

i love you mom <3

Vee said...

Wonderful tribute! I love the list that you created in your father's memory. I am sorry that he had to leave you so soon, but he is with you always, I am sure.

Love the pic of your dd and your dh together...what wonderful expressions!

Unknown said...

Great list...sweet memories. And a lovely picture!

Lavinia said...

Pat, you have been doubly blessed...a wonderful father and a wonderful husband...your tribute is just the part about white shirts and handkerchiefs...!

steviewren said...

Pat you've been so blessed to have had 2 wonderful men in your life.

Rue said...

That was a wonderfuly loving tribute to your dad and your husband.


Louise said...

A wonderful tribute to your father, I am so sorry you lost him too soon. This photo is a lovely keepsake for you. Your husband looks like a great dad too. x

Mrs. B said...

Hi Pat! What a very sweet tribute to your father. I hope you had a great weekend!

Proud Italian Cook said...

What a touching tribute to your Dad! What a handsome guy! and is that your beautiful daughter with your Hubby? She's gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Whagt a beautiful tribute!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog post honoring your dad and your husband, Pat... Donna (who no longer drinks hot water from the tap!!)