Monday, August 18, 2008

Catching Up

Summertime is such a busy season!

The past few weekends we've been away from home most of the day doing activities with family and friends, so I haven't been able to visit all the blogs I enjoy, so hopefully I'll be able to drop by your blog for a nice visit very soon.

First of all I have to acknowledge some wonderful awards that were passed on to me recently!

Cori, of Southern California and the Gingerbread and Company blog, presented me with this "Perfect Blend of Friendship" award. It was such an appreciated gift, Cori, as you know I enjoy all my visits to your very pretty blog and I enjoy the time I spend there amongst your beautiful photos and quotes, and sharing in your activities and enjoying your sweet friendliness.

I pass this "A Perfect Blend of Friendship" award on to Rosie at Rosie's Whimsey, Donna at Donna's Art, Steviewren at A little birdie told me so, Rue at Rue's Peanutbutter and Jelly, and Diane at A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Lisa at Lisa's Retro Style, and Laura at Shorehouse Chic. Please pass this award on in friendship too!

Next, Gina of Tasmania, Australia and the Gingerbread blog, presented me with the "Tree Of Happiness" award which says the following: "You have just received the tree of happiness. It is scarcely a small plant, which depends on you to grow firmly and strongly. Plant it on your heart, water it with smiles and kindness, feel the aroma of its flowers, savour the sweetness of its fruits and protection under its shade whom you love."

This award requires me to list 6 things that make me happy right is moment, so in no particular order here they are:

1) Summertime! Autumn is my favorite season, but Summer always makes me happy too, as I love the longer days, flowers growing in my garden, the abundance of fresh produce, and warm sunny days to sit outside and dream. Today is beautiful blue sky day, with low humidity and a mild breeze. It's just perfect, a day to savour!

2) Birds! At this very moment there are quite a few birds at my bird feeder chirping pleasantly, and my cat and I enjoyed watching them this morning as they took turns eating and fluttering around from the feeder to my garage roof where they spent some time preening their feathers or sunning themselves. It's impossible not to feel good watching the birds enjoy a summer day!

3) Magazines! I have two new magazines that arrived in the morning mail waiting to be read! The topics are now turning towards autumn recipes and activities, and I am anticipating reading them later and also enjoying all the beautiful Autumn themed photography.

4) Music! My husband and I went to two different concerts, two weekends in a row, at two different venues -- and I'm still grinning ear to ear thinking about them and humming the tunes we heard! A future blog post, so stayed tuned.

5) Coffee! I do appreciate a big cupful of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and sometimes I indulge in a second after lunch. Today is a two cup day!

6) Family! We went to a block party this weekend on Long Island, and had a great time seeing my brother and sister-in-law, my nephews and their spouses, and my great nieces and nephews. I spent part of my morning today editing and cropping the photos I took at the party to e-mail them to everyone. Just look at the newest member of the family, my grand niece Aine, only two months old -- isn't she a little darling?

I pass this "Tree of Happiness" Award on to Beverly , at How Sweet The Sound, Dana at The Stone Rabbit, Penny at Lavender Hill Studio, Vee At A Haven For Vee, Sherry at Edie Marie's Attic. I'd love to know what is making you happy this very moment my friends! Please pass this on to other people who make you happy.

Last, M. Kate of Malaysia, and the beautiful La Vie Est Belle blog, presented this award to me amongst the most fascinating blogs. I am so honored and thankful that you feel my blog is a "must see" one M. Kate! You know how much I enjoy your blog and all the places you take me through it, and I always learn something from you each visit, the latest being facts about Sipadan island.

I pass this award on to Nihal of Turkey at Cross Roads, Rima, of Scotland, at The Hermitage, Lavinia, of Canada, at The Birdbath Chronicles, and Pamela Terry and Edward of the USA, at The House of Edward. They are all fascinating blogs written by fascinating women, and I hope they share this award with the blogs they "must see" every day.

Blogs and blogging has certainly made the world a smaller and more intimate place and has enabled us to share our thoughts, ideas and our lives with each other. I hope we can continue to use our blogs as a way to do as Gandhi once so wisely advised: "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." Please spread peace and kindness to all you meet today and do small things with great love.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Pat,
I appreciate your thinking of me with the award! I will do a post on it one day this week and pass it on! You are such a great blogging buddy!

I'm looking forward to checking out the other blogs you listed too!

Marg said...

Hey, I think there's a few of us trying to catch up this summer.
Coming and going and trying to find time to blog and sorting pictures?

Beverly said...

Pat, you are so sweet to think of me. Thank you very much, and I will post about this award tomorrow.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

WHat wonderful awards, Pat! And, you deserve every one. I loved reading the things that make you happy. It is such a sweet connection to read your responses and say "Me, too!".

I have been so glad to make your acquaintance and to be considered one of your blogging friends. Thanks so much.

Now, I must stop playing with my grandbaby and give my sewing machine a rest so I can get caught up with all my blogging buddies!

((hugs)) Rosie

Indigo Blue said...

Wow, a lot of awards. I have popped over from M.Kate. I love the cat pictures, I have just adopted a cat, he has been here for 24 hours and so far so good.
Best wishes and I am going to look at more of your blog.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You are very kind to present us with a Must See Award! Both Edward and I are quite honored and we are glad you enjoy visiting us! Thanks so much!

Lisa B. said...

What a great post Pat:) So many awards...all well deserved. I look forward to visiting all your recipients...probably this winter (I'd write lol...but I'm not thinking it is very funny at the moment. I've been way too busy this summer and in that sense am looking forward to fall and winter when I have time to enjoy catching up on blog reading). I'm obviously jealous reading the things that are making you happy right now! lol;D So relaxing!!

Love the Gandhi quote!! Very nice.

That is one adorable baby!!!

Thanks so much for the "Perfect Blend of Friendship" award. I am thankful that you count me among your blog friends:D Wish I were there with you enjoying a cup of coffee and watching birds!

Can't wait to hear about your concerts:)

Gina said...

Dear Pat, firstly..congrats on all your awards! and thanks for the Tree of Happiness translation!
I loved your happy list and share the same feeling about Autumn...and coffee, although can never stop at just 2!.
The little sweetheart girl (your great niece?) has stolen the show, she is absolutely adorable!! Have a great week, enjoy that sun! Gxox

Joanne Kennedy said...

Sounds like you have been out and about having a great time. It's a beautiful day here too in CA. Thankfully that humid yucky weather has left us and it's just perfect out today.

Congrats on all your awards!


Picket said...

Hey girl...congrats on those beautiful awards!!! I know what you mean about time just getting away from you in the has been a fast and busy Summer for sure around here,,,that baby is adorable girl..hope you have a great week!

Cori G. said...

Oh Pat! What a sweet sweet post!

Proud Italian Cook said...

HiPat, Glad you had time to catch up and have some fun with family and friends. It seems like summer is getting shorter and shorter. Kids returning back to school already and before you know it autumm will be here! Your Grand Niece is adorable too, are you getting excited for the addition of your Grand Baby? Exciting things ahead! Congrats on all your awards Pat you definitely deserve them!

M.Kate said...

Hello Pat, love reading all the happy things about you. You see, my crystal ball was keep getting tons of awards :D

A big CONGRATS and of course, many more to come. I love your blog and most importantly, the friendship.

Much love and big bugs :D

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I am beyond honored you awarded me! That is incredibly kind. As I said to my mom this weekend, I'm still amazed anyone not related to me reads my blog. :-)

Thanks, too, for sharing that Gandhi quote. It is one of my favorites. And you are correct in advising to do small things with great love. Well said!

p.s. Aine could not be cuter. Such an alert little two month old!

Tara said...

Hi Pat

Nice awards for you, you work so hard here!

Your niece is a CUTIE...and you were in my neck of the woods! Wow!


Rima said...

Hello Pat, well thanks so much for including me in that incredible list of lovely blogs... well done on all your awards! I agree... blogging is a wonderful way to connect with interesting folk all over the world who you'd never meet otherwise and peep into their lives a little.
All the best wishes to you from rainy Scotland

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh Pat! That's so nice of you. I love this award and will post about it soon as I can.

Your little grand-neice is certainly adorable. Hope that she's getting you in practice for a grand of your very own.

I thought that I was the only one in Blogdom playing catch up... ;>

Have a great day!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!
Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful award! It's so sweet of you to think of me. I will be posting on it within the week.
I haven't sent you your surprise yet. I'm looking for something to add to it.
Have a wonderful week Pat!
Hugs, Sherry

Rue said...

Good morning Pat :)

Thank you so much for the award!! It's really cute too :) I'll post about it after my trip pictures. I'm crazy with a camera LOL

I loved the pictures from Ireland, especially the one with St. Valentine. Very interesting!


Junie Moon said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved awards. I quite enjoyed your "happy" list and will certainly go and explore all the fascinating links you've shared.

dana said...

Thank you for passing the tree of happiness along to me--YOU make me happy, too! I (finally) played your favorite embarrassing song tag today! You have been busy! I have so much I have ahead of me in the next four months--I must start addressing those things. I will! Starting now! Bye! dana

Nihal said...

Oh Pat carissima,
You are sooooo kind, and thoughtful! It's abundant harvest for me the month of august!
Look, another 'meaningful' award within only one month, wow! As if everyone works to spoil me, lol:)

Exactly I'm agree w/you that there's nothing better to spread peace and kindness to all the world, and do small things with great love, because Love Saves Day.

Will talk about my awards, Pat. I do follow up a weekly schedule so sometimes I may be late, hope you do not mind me, giving your kind understanding:)

Again, my sincere wishes and BIG Congrat's for your awards! Without sing, without word,... you deserve all them!

Have a great day at least like your beautiful heart. Un abbraccio forte forte.

Btw, do visit me when you can to see my most recent article as it's only in pure blue:)


Anonymous said...

Hia Pat congratulations on winning the awards. I've only just caught up with you, so I'm not sure how slack that makes me. Hectic times!

I love the cross vaulting on the cathedral. Such beautiful windows too.

What a lovely happy list!

Anonymous said...

Lovely awards, all! Congratulations!


Kathy said...

Hi Pat, so glad you received my email and left your numbers, I will call from NYC and text my cell number to you.

Congrats on all your lovely awards and I am glad you have been out there enjoying the summer, WOW all those bands bring back memories, and your new addition to your family is just adorable.

I am supposed to be packing and arranging our sightseeing and a theatre show today so better get on (very early start in the morning) your posts on the whole area have been invaluable, thanks Pat, really looking forward to speaking to you soon, hugs,

Susie Q said...

Lovely awards and so well deserved too! Some of your recipients I know well, some are new to me so i will have to go visit!

It has been a wild Summer. I hpope to catch up with everyone soon!


Lavinia said...

Wow wow wow....way to go, Pat! You are raking in the awards and what neat awards they are....

Congratulations on your latest three awards....your blog deserves them all (and more!~).

Aine is a real cutie...what a sweet face, you just want to cover those cheeks with kisses....

Summer is a busy time and many of us are not doing the blogging that we'd like to do, due to time constraints.....but we all understand....summertime is brief...let's all get out and enjoy.....ere the snows bury us in again come winter....