Monday, August 25, 2008

Manhattan Rendezvous

I went into midtown Manhattan this morning to meet someone special at The Hilton Hotel so that we could go to breakfast together.

She was Kathy of the blog Have Suitcase, Will Travel!

She was in Manhattan from San Francisco, for a long weekend to met her daughter who had come over from England, and they had a good time seeing the sights and doing some shopping. I'm sure within a few days she'll be displaying many of her photos and stories about NYC, so be sure to check her blog to read more.

Kathy was going back to San Francisco today, but had the morning free, so met for breakfast in a deli near the hotel. Unfortunately, the photo I asked a waitress to take of us came out a little blurry, but it was a lot of fun meeting a fellow blogger for the first time, as you can see from our smiling faces and our untouched food, as we gabbed and gabbed about ourselves and our experiences blogging. She brought me some beautiful San Francisco souvenirs including a little teddy bear for my future grand son which was so sweet of her, and she shouldn't have. Thank you so much Kathy! It was so nice to meet you!

After we parted I went over to my daughter's office building, as the company she works for had moved to a new floor in their building and she wanted me to see her new spot.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of LOVE in Manhattan!

Passed by Radio City Music Hall as I walked down 6th Ave.

Wow -- this is a nice new cubicle L! It actually has a window! She showed me all her files and, boy oh boy, does this girl work hard. I'm very proud of you L!

I don't know why it always seems to be a grey, overcast day when I go into Manhattan, but the following few photos are views from my daughter's office windows -- no need to go up to the top of the Empire State building today for city views.

Speaking of which, here is a view of The Empire State Building -- as you can see it's quite a bit higher than the 40, or so, floors that I am on as I take this photo.
Kathy told me it was so crowded with tourists waiting to go to the observation deck that she and her daughter had to wait over an hour both to go both up and down, which was unfortunate as they had so little time to spare.

You can see the sharp point of Chrysler Building in the distance in the next photo.

And here's some more midtown building views. I think if I worked in some of these offices I'd be tempted to look outside all day long!

All in all it was a wonderful day meeting some of my favorite people.

I have a lot of "catch up" to do tomorrow, reading all of your wonderful blogs, so see you then!


Cori G. said...

Hi Pat,
How fun! It looks like you had a great time! About your daughters office space...I know I wouldn't be able to sit there all day without staring. She must be very important to be given such a prime location.
Have a wonderful evening.
XO Cori

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I had to laugh. You had such a different day than mine! I loved seeing the photos of NY and your daughter is lovely!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Pat,
I think it's great you got to meet a fellow blogger. I haven't been able to do that yet.

And how thoughtful of her to bring a bear for your little grandbaby!

Your daughter's office looks great,
and the views are spectacular. Thanks for sharing and for the other photos you took.

nanatrish said...

Pat, what a neat day! I can't wait to meet some friends from blogdom. You lucky girl! I agree with cori, your daughter must have an important position to be right at the window. She's a cute girl and I know you're proud of her.
We had a rainy day in Georgia. I hope to come up to NYC one of these days. I can't wait to meet you. luv ya, Trish

Kathy said...

Aww. That was so nice Pat, I really did have a lovely time meeting you today (we did talk a lot didn't we, seems like I have known you for ages) and your daughter is beautiful just like her mum, hope you had a lovely lunch, I had a good flight back, off to get some sleep now, speak soon, Kathy.

M.Kate said...

Hello Pat, why didnt you warn me of the meeting, i'd just hop on the plane and come over to your sid of the pond haha..

Love that LOVE..what else can i say! The pictures are all so awesome, i'd be staring at those building and not working if employed there. Your daughter is so pretty and I'd love that office of hers coz my office is nowhere as nice..not even good views.

Happy week and hugs :D

Picket said...

Sounds like you had a great visit...and man those views of the buildings...I actually started hyperventaling....heights make me dizzy and my stomach starts going like I am on a roller coaster! lol..Oh my word girl how can you stand so close to the windows!!! lol lol It is an amazing city that's for sure and you capture some of it's best features! Hope you have a great week girl!

Michelle said...

What a fun day!! Your daughter is a real beauty..

Thanks for the pics of Manhattan. I so want to visit!


dana said...

Oh, what a special treat--meeting a fellow blogger!
Those NYC photos look so much (well yours are much clearer)liken the ones I took when I was there. It was overcast much of the time, but it seemed to help keep the the hot Aug temps at bay, a little! I don't like heights either, but I LOVE looking at those buildings! It's such a great place to be and I hope, one of these days, I'll be able to return for a visit--I hope it will be longer so I can take in lots more.

dana said...

I forgot to add--your daughter is darling!!

Camille said...

I think the opportunity to "talk" with bloggers from around the globe is phenomenal and it is truly amazing to connect and then get to share an actual visit. I know I've been loving "meeting" so many talented women through the blogosphere.

Rue said...

Good morning Pat :)

I loved seeing that picture of you two! Even if it was blurry ;)

Your daughter's office is amazing! She's a beautiful girl too :)


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

So glad that you got to meet another blogger in real life. No more figments of the imagination!

Your daughter's office/cubby is fantastic. I'd never get anything done, I'm sure. Great pics of those marvelous buildings!

Oh, my daughter's an "L" too. Hmmmm...

Joanne Kennedy said...

Meeting up with a blog friend is so fun. I can't wait until you come out here and we can gab in person.

Gee, New York even makes work look fun. I'm with you though, I would be looking out the window all day too.


Barb said...

Hi Pat,

What fun to meet a fellow blogger!

I love Manhattan! I used to spend a lot of time there in my past life (the GM building). There is nothing better than walking up and down and just window shopping (especially during the Holiday season).

Thank you for a great tour as usual.


Beverly said...

Pat, this must have been a wonderful experience. And, it was made even better by being able to visit your sweet girl.

I love the pictures, but I don't like looking down from windows either. My last office was on the tenth floor, and I didn't like to walk up to the window. I was good to stand back and look, but not up close. I would be pathetic in a real skyscraper.

Mrs. B said...

Hi Pat! It looks like you had a fun day. How fun to meet up with another blogger. What great views from your daughter's office! I'd love to be able to look out at views like that all day, even if it is overcast!

Brenda Kula said...

Looks like you had so much fun. I've never been to NYC. Don't know if I could take the incessant cell phones and hustle-bustle of the big city. But I enjoy traveling from my "little spot here in my computer chair!"

Lavinia said...

What a fun day you had! So neat to meet a far-away blogger. Your daughter's office is beautiful, so much natural light flowing in when she works....wonderful. Thanks for these I love New York views!

Strider said...

As usual, very nice pictures. You sure put a lot of effort into your posts. Great job.

Bridget said...

Pat, Aren't you lucky to have meet the lovely Miss Kathy for HSWT! Kathy is just the greatest.
I have another blogging friend who just recently met up with another blogger from England and had a great time.
I've met so many lovely ladies this way. There are a lot of amazing gals out there blogging their really big hearts out!
TTFN, Bridget

Justine said...

I'm so glad you got to meet a fellow blogger! I did the same thing two weeks ago! I met Gail, from Squared Off here in St. Augustine. She's from England and it was sooooooo exciting to not only meet a blogger, but an international one at that!

Justine :o )

French said...

Pat how lucky to have met with Kathy! She is a sweetheart of a blogger and a friend from RMS! Lucky you! Loved your pics and even made me a little sad~~~only because I miss New York~~even though I was only there once;) French

Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi Pat, How fun to meet up with Kathy! That's great! and a gift for the baby? how thoughtful of her! Looks like you 2 had lot's of fun! Your daughter is gorgeous btw!

Mrs. B said...

Hello again. Yes, my oldest hasn't appeared too much on my blog lately (although she's at least in the family picture). I almost considered explaining who she was just because she hasn't shown up in any pictures lately, lol. Most of the pictures lately have been on family outings and vacations, and unfortunately she's at a stage where she doesn't want to participate in any of those things. I'm really hoping this phase doesn't last very long because it's not much fun.

Lisa B. said...

Your daughter looks so cute! And of course it's hard to believe you are old enough to be her mother! I guess something must be stuck in my head...cause I'm old enough to be her mother! Where does the time go?!

Tracy said...

How wonderful, and fun! Meeting a blogging friends is always a marvelous glad I am you got to meet Kathy. :o) And thanks sharing of your special meeting, and for the Manhattan views...Your daughter has a FAB office--lucky gal! Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!
That's so exciting that you got to meet someone in person! SOMEDAY you'll be seeing me!!
Your daughter is beautiful! She's so lucky to have such an awesome view of Manhattan! Oh I'm with you, I'd never get any work done. They'd have to pry me off the window!
Is there a time of year when the tourists dye down in NYC? Or is it that busy ALL the time? Is it extremely busy at Christmas time with all the holiday lights and decor? I'm just full of questions aren't I??
Hugs, Sherry

please sir said...

Amazing view and so nice to meet a fellow blogger! Thanks for your living comment - your advice means so much!

Donna said...

Wow, what a view your daughter has in her office! She's a lovely girl.

I never tire of seeing the sights of NY. My daughter has a window with a view in her office too in NY, I think I'd be looking outside all day!

Nice that you were able to meet a fellow blogger and have breakfast.

Thanks for taking such great photos of NY. I once again got my fill for the day of the wonderful city!


Judy said...

How fun to meet a friend you had never seen in person! And thanks for another lovely tour of NY. If I ever have a chance to visit your city...I'll get you to be my tour guide.

Susie Q said...

You always have such a good tome and I love how we are alway included! I loved seeing the Hilton! We stayed there on our trip to NYC in 2000.
Yor daughter has such a lovely office! She must be higly thought of! Good for her!

How fun to meet another blogger! I am still hoping to get a group of boggers together in NYC next year...I will be posting about it again soon.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Your daughter's workspace looks nice and comfortable.

It's always nice to meet a fellow blogger, isn't it? ;-)


Kathy said...

Hi Pat, Glad you liked the San Diego post, such a beautiful place, you will have so much fun there, yes, Pat please take anything you want from my blog you are welcome, the "Which City Widget" is right at the bottom of my blog above the fountain, let me know if you cannot find it but just keep scrolling down and you will come to it, how funny that you belong in NYC haha. I belong in London !!.

Blog-land seems to be playing up a bit this morning, I have just compiled a very long blog with lot's of photo's and it will not let me post it, I hope I do not lose it as there will be a lot of foot stamping and it wont be pretty haha. hugs, Kathy.

Judy said...

What a wonderful and fun morning. I think it would be awesome to meet another blogger. Thank you for all your nice comments and for visiting.

Gina said...

How special to meet your blog friend Pat! The LOVE sculpture is fabulous and your daughter is beautiful! What a great office space and amazing outlook. Gx