Friday, September 5, 2008

Rockaway Beach,Queens and An Award And A Tag!

I went to the Rockaway peninsula today, which a part of the borough of Queens, New York, where Jacob Riis beach is located. I've been coming to this beach since I was a child, and for the past few years I usually don't visit it until the end of summer. Being fair, I don't sun bathe anymore to avoid sun damage, and going to the beach has lost some of the allure it had when I was young, but in the off season it's a wonderful place to walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Atlantic Ocean.

People were still enjoying the beach, sunbathing and swimming, but it is at their own risk as after Labor Day weekend there are no lifeguards on duty.

Summer has not left the New York City region and temperatures have been in the 80's. This time of the year always has some of the best weather in New York -- as long as there are no after effects of hurricanes in the area.

Kite flying is a favorite activity at the beaches this time of the year, as there is always a strong ocean breeze and the beach crowds are less so it's easy to get a running start and do acrobatics with the kites.
The ocean temperature is warm now, too, after a summer full of sun and hot temperatures.

Many shorebirds can be found resting and eating on the beach, and this region is part of the east coast songbird migration route.

Beautiful blue sky and water for miles and miles.

A sailboat on the horizon:

These little birds were fun to watch! They ran up to the waters edge and then ran away from the water as the waves came in, almost as it it were a game.

Locals know that there are many different "bays" along shoreline of the Rockaway beaches and some contain colorful characters such as the man below who kept walking back and forth as a model would, changing his outfits from time to time. If you notice, his little dog was also dressed in up multicolored fur!

Woody Allen's 1987 movie Radio Days was filmed at Rockaway Beach and it is, in many ways, an iconic New York City beach spot!


Marina, of the Only Cute Things blog awarded me with this cute award! Thank you so much Marina -- I love your blog too! I've seen this on many blogs recently so if any of my readers have not received this award please accept it from me!


Diane of A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words blog tagged me to "name 6 unspectacular things about myself." I already did this before and again here, but it was awhile ago, so let me think of a few other quirky things about myself...........

1) I've worn glasses since I was seven -- contact lenses since I was 14. I think I miss a lot of edit errors in my blog because my now middle aged eyes are so confused between bifocal glasses/contact lenses with reading glasses, that I just can't see!

2) I hate to drive -- I'd much rather be a passenger and look out the window at the scenery

3) I'm afraid of rollercoasters, but I did ride one once!

4) I love cheese -- I've never tried one I didn't like, and the more pungent and sharp the better!

5) I still have the comic books I loved as a young child -- Archie, Little Dot & Sluggo, Audrey, and Casper the Ghost. Did you love comic books as a child?

6) I can't throw away a magazine without tearing out all the recipes. I'll never live long enough to cook them all, but I can't bear to part with any of them!

Would anyone like to do this tag? Please let me know if you do!


Naz said...

I always love visiting your blog. Not only is it always interesting but you team it up perfectly with the music selection. Today's Fried Green Tomatoes tune went beautifully with the Rockaway beach pictures.

Proud Italian Cook said...

What a great beach, and it didn't look too crowded! Of course probably cause it's the end of the season. I love all the sounds and smells of the sea and to gaze out at all that water. I'd love to live near an ocean! Maybe after I win the lottery!!! lol
BTW, I don't do roller coaster's either! I rode on one once and never did it again.


"cada beso bautizado
crea nuevas primaveras
donde nace y donde muere
una rosa verdadera."...!?...kiss besos kiss...only for you!

Lisa B. said...

Beautiful beach! Thanks for taking me along...I needed a day at the beach:D
Always fun to know more quirky things about you!

Linda Lou said...

Pat, another memory of going to this beach when I lived in Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. I always loved it, it was pretty and CLEAN!!
I love the beach in September-in San Diego i think it's the best time of the year.

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots of life the beach. I've never been down here. I think it is very nice to walk around here during the off season.

Congrats on your latest award! I, too, heart your blog. It's always fun to stop by and see what you have waiting for us. Thanks for passing the award on to us.

Enjoyed reading your meme response. I don't drive (everyone's always surprised about that), I love comics, and can't help tearing out recipes from magazines, too. ;-)


Beverly said...

I love Archie and Veronica - they were my favorite. Remember Jughead, Betty and Reggie?

I love the beach most at times other than summer. The smell and sound of the surf renew my spirit.

Elisa Day said...

Lovely images from the beach! I especially love the ones with the kites. Thank you for sharing!

Kathy said...

Rockaway Beach is beautiful Pat the birds, the kites, the sailboat and the Ocean, even the colourful little man and his dog haha.

I like roller coasters but have not been on one for a couple of years, I am woth you on driving.
Congrats on your new award Pat and enjoy SD. hugs, Kathy

Lavinia said...

What a beautiful beach. I would love to walk up and down early in the morning or at sunset....just look at all those birds! New York really does have it all....

Thanks for sharing the quirks. I didn't read magazine as a child until age 10 or 11, I started to read "Young Miss". But that was at the local library.

I hate rollercoasters too. You could not pay me to get on one.

Interesting post and congratulations too, on your award...

Joanne Kennedy said...

I just saw on the news that tropical storm watches are going all along the coast there to RI. But by your pictures you would never know that.

Very pretty.

Do your beaches have shells? The ones by us don't have many at all anymore. It's sad.

I'm so excited about Wed! Can't wait to meet you.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Jeanne,
I enjoyed reading your 6 things. Thanks for playing along, and congratulations on the award!

The beach pictures are great! Again, I didn't know that New York had much of a beach. LOL

Guess I'm showing my ignorance here.

I love beaches in the off season sun bathing days are over!

Pat @ Back Porch Musings said...

What a great looking place!

I enjoyed your list, Pat!

Strider said...

Great pictures of the beach. I am always surprised at the areas in the city you take us in your posts!!!! Not what I picture when I think of NYC>

Jeanne said...

Hello Pat, I haven't visited much, and I am glad I did today. I have always heard of Rockaway Beach, but have never been there. What a beautiful place. The kites, the shore with the birds and a beautiful sailboat, are fun to see. As usual your fabulous photos and descriptions are awesome.

This knee replacement has been hard, but getting better each day. The pain is tough, but I like to think I'm tougher. Smile.

Hugs, Jeanne

Jojo said...

As I listened to the music, it seemed as if the music was accompanying the kites on their flight. Just beautiful.

M.Kate said...

Hello Pat...ah, the beach, we BOTH need to go, well, you have, but I am really wanting and counting the days to the beach! I realised that I have not holidayed at the beach this entire year, now how did that happenend??

I get what you mean..the model/guy was happily parading around, he's making everyone happy i guess.

much love and hugs, happy weeeknd too..

oh...more awards!!! see, my crystal ball was true!! and a long strings to come, love you tag too..

Mrs. B said...

Hi Pat! I love the beach! I love it at any time of year. I love to sunbathe (I know, it's so bad) in summer, and play in the sand with the kids. And I love it in the winter too (of course, then I don't sunbathe). I grew up right by the beach and I miss it so much! That looks like a really fun beach. And you even get to enjoy a fashion show, lol!

Thanks for your great tip today, and thank you for being a great bloggy friend!

Hugs, Mrs. B

Judy said...

Beautiful beach...and so nice to enjoy it in September!

I'm with you about the contacts & reading glasses...and not always seeing what there is to be seen.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lovely photos of the beach. I've always heard of Rockaway, but have never seen up close pictures such as these. Thanks! Even the gulls seem to be enjoying themselves, and I adored the kites!

Gina said...

What a magic spot picked a great day..not many souls about! Had a chuckle at your colourful character! :D I enjoyed your tag..esp your preference to look out the window in a car..that's so you!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the last of your NY summer! Gxox

Anonymous said...

Hia Pat, wow a week to catch up on. I love your beach pics. We have some kite flyers on ours in the Summer.

That graveyard building is gorgeous! Can you say that about a graveyard and still be polite?

Wow so many beautiful paintings too and a baseball game. Looks like you've been having fun.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!
Oh how I loved going to the beach! It was so peaceful and relaxing and your music was perfect and calming. I can almost hear the waves rushing in.
I've been catching up on visits and you have been busy posting! Great posts Pat! I think I might need one of those ├ęclairs though!! I will email you about my health issues, still not feeling good.
Hugs, Sherry

Judy said...

I lived in CA when I was a child and still miss the ocean. You brought back a lot of memories for me with this post. Oh and the game the birds were playing..we used to do that too!! How fun, Thanks.

steviewren said...

Pat, I love your blog too. This is an award that you deserve. Congratulations.

I love the first picture of the birds lined up on the rail looking out to sea. Great shot!

On the topic of your confusion between eyeglasses and contacts, I just thought I would add, I wear contacts, but thought I would get new glasses recently. When I put them on I couldn't believe they were the same pair that I thought looked so good on me .... HORRIBLE....HORRIBLE! I will never wear them because I look so HORRIBLE in them...and besides that, the prescription is so strong I can see great far away, but get closer than 5 feet and everything is blurry. I'll keep my old pair thank you very much!

Cori G. said...

Hi Pat,
I love the beach at the end of summer when there are less people. It looks like you also had some colorful entertainment on your visit. I would love to own his skirt. Congratulations on your deserve it! Your blog is so much fun to visit.
See you Wednesday.
XO Cori

Anonymous said...

More wonderful photos! ;)

Nihal said...

Great article about Atlantic Ocean. There's a serious difference btw ocean and sea, I know from my time spent in sunshine state (FL). Your article proves vacationing next to ocean sounds like so exciting, endless, messy and wonderful dark blue! I love it, love it!
And, kite playing, sailboats, cute birds all makes Rockaway Beach to be desired one, and just made my note on my 'Wish List'.

You're a great author, Pat. Heartfully thanks for your advices w/awesome photos to inspire our days:)

Lots of Love&Warm Hugs.


Joanne said...

Thanks for the great pics of Rockaway Beach ~~ it brought back memories of where I got engaged in 1978. I'm a Queens girl myself. Born and raised in Whitestone, moved to Forest Hills when I got married but now living in Pearl River (Rockland County). Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker. Joanne