Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grand Baby Love

The next photo was the most remarkable I've ever seen, as it was taken at the last sonogram of my grandson, still growing and awaiting his birth!

I am so in love with the little guy already, and can't wait to hold him and whisper in his ear all the hopes and dreams I have for him!

This I know for sure --he'll always be very loved! He is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, the soon to be son of the oldest child in each! We've all been waiting for him for a long time, and I can not imagine a happier day than his upcoming birthday!

In preparation for that I have been buying some special little things, here and there for him, that I'd love to show you ....

.....and if you are reading this post my dear son and daughter-in- law please look away now, as I want to keep this a surprise for a little longer!

I'm sure a lot of bloggers know Rosie, of Rosie's Whimsy blog? She was blessed a few months ago with a beautiful grand daughter named Lola. Being a seamstress for many years, Rosie sewed many beautiful and unique things for Lola, and she and her daughter had the idea to open an ETSY shop called Baby Vagabond to sell more of the same beautiful and functional baby things!

I had been looking for some burp cloths for my grandson's layette, as I remember all too well how much I needed them for his Daddy, and Baby Vagabond had the cutest most modern looking soft flannel ones for sale in prints that were fun for a little boy. I purchased three sets and sweet Rosie gave me a gift of a set of matching flannel wipes for those little clean ups of baby's face.

In the photo below you can see all the sets, and the stack of wipes, and Lola''s sweet face on the thank you card Rosie enclosed.

Thank you, Rosie! I know my grand baby is going to enjoy the soft flannel against his face and it will be a well used gift!

I now see that Rosie has opened another ETSY shop called Night Owl Diaper Company which sells the cutest reusable flannel diapers! I will be shopping again soon. Rosie!


Another little handcrafted treat I bought my grandson was this adorable little knit bunny from Willow of Willow's Cottage blog.

She displayed one that she made her grandson in a blog post a few months ago, and I fell in love with it! She also makes heirloom collectible bunnies out of hand died wool, but I wanted a washable one suitable for a baby, and chose one made of washable white yarn.

She made his vest in the colors I chose, and sent him with an adoption certificate! So cute!

Willow does beautiful work and I have a feeling this bunny will be well loved by our little bunny boy one day soon! Thanks Willow!

The next is a "hope chest" crocheted set I purchased which was made long ago by a sweet woman who has since passed. My friend's mother-in -law made these sets to sell in a hospital gift shop. When I saw them years ago I bought two sets -- one for each of my two children's future first born. I never learned how to make beautiful things like this, so I was eager to have something of heirloom quality to give to each of them one day.

I hope the baby will wear it on the way to his Christening!

Their is nothing as exquisite as something handmade .... except for something God made, like a sweet little baby!

10/17 ETA: I am adding this post to Laura at Hooked On Houses blog's "Hooked On Friday's" party links, as we are all describing what we are "hooked on." How could I resist when everyone knows how excited I am to be closer to welcoming my little grandson into the world? He is due early December.

Thanks Laura!


Anonymous said...

Oh Pat that is amazing! We only had the black and white images like you had before of this precious lad. I am totally gobsmacked with the detail it shows.

It's lovely that you have prepared so much for him too. My daughter was the eldest grandchild from 2 eldest children too. She is so special as you can see from the way she designed her strawberry fairy outfit. I added the pics from a night photoshoot in the garden when I'd finished it. I really hope your beautiful grandson sees all the treasures in the world and looks back as an adult on all the special things that surrounded him and thinks "it began there".

I'm so excited for you!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

That is the clearest sonogram picture I have ever seen! It's almost like we are looking at him outside the womb!

Aren't we having fun? All for the love of Grand Babies!! ((hugs)) Rosie

Judy said... amazing ultrasound pic!

It is such fun waiting...and preparing...and waiting some more for those grandbabies. I had no idea it would be so much fun being a Grammy!

Your gifts for your grandson are adorable. My daughter (who just had her first baby) owns a baby I was wondering what I could give little Maelyn that would be special...and handmade things are what she appreciates the most.

I'm looking forward to the grand announcement!

Willow said...

I'm so glad Leo the bunny made the trip to Brooklyn safely!

What a clear picture of the baby!

Joanne Kennedy said...

He is darling! Look at that little perfect nose he has!

My friend had one of these type of photos taken of her little one too. They are so clear and perfect looking.

What darling things you have started to gather for him.

I can't wait until he is here for us all to meet.


Rue said...

Hi Pat :)

I just love baby things and you found some absolutely precious ones. Beautiful picture of your grandbaby :)

I loved the post about the Jolly Roger! How fun!!


jeanne said...

Pat, I loved reading about the coming of your first grandson. That sonogram is unbelievable. You can actually see what he looks like. I am blown away.

Your collection of handmade things are so precious. The bunny with the handmade vest is so cute. I can see why you wanted it for your first grandson. It is a special time and I remember well the excitement when our first grand baby was born. He is 20 yrs. old and in college now. sigh. They grow up so fast. Thanks for sharing your exciting news.


steviewren said...

Pat, your son and daughter in law are going to be thrilled to get these thoughtful and sweet gifts for their son.

I love the crochet set you have for him. I was given a similar set when my daughter was born by an elderly relative. I saved it for her to use with her imagine my surprise when I found my 7 year old granddaughter in it a couple of months ago...luckily it went back to its original shape and size as soon as I got her out of it. I don't even know how she got herself into it.

The ultra-sound image is so clear. Anybody can see that your little guy is going to be quite the heart breaker. This is a sweet sweet post. I can't wait for you to meet him in December.

Rhonda said...

Pat, I'm so excited for you, a little grandson! I haven't been blessed with any grandchildren yet but when the time is right. . . I love your gifts, I too love handmade items.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I can't believe how wonderful the sonogram is. They have come so far with that technology!

I'm almost as excited as you are...I can't wait to see those pics of you holding that first grandbaby! There is nothing like gazing into the eyes of the child of your child!

I'm so happy for you!

M.Kate said...

Dearest Pat, that is one amazing photos. I had pictures of my kids in the belly but never so close and so clear!!! I love Willow's bunny, she's a super knitter for sure!! Oh Pat, I am super happy for you!! We cant wait for the are making all of us so excited too...Here's lots of love and big hugs to you :D

nanatrish said...

What a sweet picture of your little grandson! I know you are anxious.

You've been tagged and it's a co-winky dink on what I had to post. You'll see. :)

Strider said...

My wife is heading to our son's home in S.C. tomorrow for the birth of our second grandson. Should come around the 22nd. My wife is so honored that our daughter in law wanted her there for the birth....and subsequent sleep deprivation! Blessings on you grandma. Strider (Papa)

Lora said...

Hi, Pat! The picture of your grandbaby is so sweet--congratulations!

I just wanted you to know how much fun I've been having getting all of these postcards from steviewren's exchange. Thank you so much for the NYC card. I've visited NYC twice and I love it! I've been waiting till all the cards arrive and then I'm going to post about them and I think they're just about all here.

Come by and visit anytime!

Lavinia said...

If that baby isn't born soon, I'm sure you will all just burst! His arrival is so anticipated, and it will be the happiest of days, won't it....

I wish every child were welcomed into the world into such loving and eager arms. You are grandma of the year, Pat...enjoy every moment of this happy anticipation!

MuseSwings said...

Pat, What an amazing ultrasound picture! He's beautiful! I was looking at some earlier today - from my niece who is expecting in march. Her's is a little boy too. Speaking of arrivals - your postcard came in the mail today. Thank you so much! This exchange is such fun.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh, Pat! Aren't sonograms so amazing now? That's's like he's taking a nap to rest up for his big debut. :-)

You are gathering some lovely gifts for the little man. I'm sure he will love them (I know I do!).

I love all of your Key West posts so much. Thanks for sharing!

- Laura

Anonymous said...

Pat, I know how you feel. Becoming a grandma was and is the best thing that ever happened to me! Mine is 2 now and I love that little monkey to bits! :)

Mama said...

Pat, the pic of your grandson is just incredible, I am so excited for you all, your gifts are so beautiful, big hugs, Kathy.

Naz said...

It's amazing how clear the picture of the ultra sound was. You can actually see just how adorable he is. When is the due date?

Beverly said...

Pat, he is just gorgeous. I believe God chose this little angel just for your family. And, he is one blessed little fellow.

I know how hard it is to resist shopping. My grandson is almost ten, and I love buying things for him - and for his daddy, too.

Linda Lou said...

What a perfect little guy he is!! You will be an amazing grandma and this is such a special time-enjoy every minute of it.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

First of all, that is the most amazing sonogram picture ever! What a beautiful child...he's already thinking about the meaning of the universe. Just precious...

You have been doing an awesome job of gathering, Pat! Now I just wonder if your son and his wife were actually able to resist looking. LOL!

Pat @ Back Porch Musings said...

Pat, I am all misty eyed. Isn't that the most awesome image you've ever seen? Beautiful grandchild!

Picket said...

OH my word..tears...smiles...and such excitement for you girl!! That is priceless..oh big hug..big kiss...I know how you sweet thing! Those handmade treasures are so beautiful..I know that precious baby will be loved and just alittle spoiled! lol Have a great weekend girl!

Hooked on Houses said...

There is nothing more exciting than a new baby in the family! Congratulations! I really love this post. Those crocheted items are really beautiful.

Thanks for joining my Hooked on Fridays blog party, Pat! I appreciate it! -Julia :-)

Cori G. said...

Good morning Pat,
What an amazing picture of your grand baby! I'll bet this is going to be the longest two months of your life waiting for his arrival. Everything is so cute!

xo Cori

Ms. Tee said...

What an amazing thing those new ultrasounds are! And such sweet things you've picked our for your grandbaby. How exciting - thank you for sharing. :)

Robin said...

Thank you so much, Pat, for visiting my nest. What a great idea to bring home the cups from your trip...useful and a special memento! I am amazed by the sonogram photo of your grandson...God knits us together so perfectly, doesn't He? And to think that we can peek in while He's doing it is beyond my comprehension! You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

I found you through the Hooked on Friday's on Julia's blog. Congratulations on the immanent birth of your grandson, he's already adorable. Enjoy him when he arrives :)

Lisa B. said...

How wonderful Pat! I'm so happy for you!! I can't believe the sonogram picture...he's so perfect!!!

Rue said...

Hi Pat :)

You know I already commented, but you should be excited! That will be MY obsession before I know it ;)


Darius T. Williams said...

Awww - congrats on the new little one coming!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!
Look how handsome he is! How adorable he is already and he's
not even out yet!! I'm so excited
for you Pat, it's such an awesome
journey in to that next chapter
of life! I thought my sons were
beautiful but I've never seen prettier babies than my granddaughters!! I would just hold them and stare at them! You will too!!
Hugs, Sherry

Proud Italian Cook said...

Pat, Just look at that babys face!! So precious already! Oh, you're going to have so much fun!

Mrs. B said...

Wow Pat! That sonogram picture is amazing! I've never seen one with that much detail! Truly amazing. His arrival is getting so close... I'm so excited for you! The little goodies you've picked out are so nice, and extra special because they're hand made. I have no doubt that he will be very loved!

Gina said...

Wow..what an amazing image of your dear little grandson! must really be getting excited now! Love all the gorgeous baby goodies too :D

Susie Q said...

Oh Pat...isn't he adorable? Those pictures are so amazing. Wow.
I am so happy and excited for you all.

Rosie is such a dear lady...I am just thrilled that two such special women have new grandbabies to love. What lucky little ones!

Those baby lovelies are amazing.