Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July Daring Baker Challenge ~ Filbert Gateau With Praline Butter Cream

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will remember I blogged about visiting Chocolatier Jacques Torres' shop in DUMBO, Brooklyn, earlier in the month, where I bought one of his "Big Daddy" dark chocolate bars for a baking project.

Today is the day I can reveal the project! Ta Da!

It is a Filbert Gateau with Praline Butter cream, a Carol Walter recipe from the book "Great Cakes." It was the July Daring Bakers challenge, and I made it as my mother's 86 birthday cake.On July first I joined "Daring Bakers" group of Bloggers after seeing Proud Italian Cook's June Daring Baker challenge of a Rum, Raisin and Ricotta Danish Braid. It looked so delicious, and the idea of more than a thousand bloggers creating the same new recipe challenge every month and displaying it on their blog seemed like a lot of fun!

The July recipe was chosen by Chris of the blog Mele Cotte, and she will have the entire recipe on her blog, plus a "half" version if you would like to make this cake yourself.
The preparations for the Filbert genoise, praline Swiss butter cream filling and chocolate ganache glaze was four pages long when I printed it out, and took many steps and two days to make, but it was delicious and I learned so many new techniques by making it!

I did not have the proper tip to decorate the top as directed, with the leftover butter cream used in the filling, and it was a very hot day when I was decorating the cake so everything was melting slightly, so I wasn't completely satisfied with my initial decoration. I decided to sprinkle some of the leftover praline paste crystals, crushed filberts and some chocolate jimmies on top.

I liked the way this looked as I think it made it appear more festive for use as a birthday cake!

Of course I did not need to use the entire "Big Daddy" bar for the chocolate ganache glaze recipe, but I decided it would be nice to have the chocolate on hand for future baking endeavors.

If you would like to see wonderful versions of this magnificent gateau on other Daring Bakers web sites today check the Daring Bakers blogroll! There is also an open forum for general baking discussions here, but you have to be a member of Daring Bakers in order to register to log in for each month's challenge and discussions regarding it.
If you think you are up to taking the monthly challenge instructions are on the blog as to how to join! Don't delay, as there is only a 24 hour time limit to join evey month for the next month's challenge!
There is even an "Alternative Daring Baking group for gluten-free, lactose intolerant, allergy, vegetarians, vegans and bakers who use alternate ingredients due to other health concerns or life styles. "
I hope to see you all doing the August Daring Baker Challenge!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Pat,
You are really talented! I have not ever tried to bake anything that looks that hard!

The cake looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the links and information.

I bet your mother loved that cake!

Dana said...

My mouth is absolutely watering! That looks divine. I agree with Diane, you are a muli-talented kind of a gal! Thanks for sharing that delightful creation with us! Oh, and you might check out my post when you have the time!

Anonymous said...

Great Daring Bakers' Challenge! And what a sweet daughter you are! I'm having ganache envy...really great job!

Wild Rose said...

Hi Pat,

I came over from Tracy at Pink Purl to say hello. What a cake!

You have a very interesting blog and I have enjoyed visiting.

Marie x

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh, oh, oh my! Your lucky mom! That looks fantastic:>)

Jeanne said...

Pat, that cake is worth a prize. Yum!
I don't think I would ever tackle such a thing. In fact, I know I wouldn't. I am just a country girl who bakes in a very old fashion way. Many times without a recipe. My mother did the same. You know, we do become our mothers eventually. Smile.

Beautiful cake, congrats.


Pat said...

Diane -- it really wasn't as hard to make as it was long to! It took two days as it had many steps. I learned a lot making it, and the Filbert praline Swiss butter cream was so yummy! I'm not a big butter cream fan but this icing was GOOD! :-)

Dana -- your blog made me laugh! "I heart NY"!

Shellyfish --Welcome! Your mini DB cakes look wonderful! I like that idea of making them small.

Wild Rose -- Welcome and thanks!

Kathleen Grace -- thanks! My Mom loved it! Usually we get an ice cream cake for her so this was different, and she took the leftover cake home to enjoy the next day too!

Jeanne --I don't usually bake so elaborately but I joined "Daring Bakers" for the monthly challenge and to learn new baking techniques. These types of cakes are for special occasions.

Picket said...

Oh my word what a beautiful cake!!! Girl I could never do something like that! No seriously I have tried..had to throw it away! lol But oh I bet it tastes fantastic!!! I admire anyone who can bake like me it is such a beautiful talent. See that's why I gave you the always make me feel at home and you can bake to boot! lol lol Have a great day girl!

Katy Lin :) said...

oooh! this looks sinful! i must try it, lol! :) i've gotta do this daring bakers thing! so fun!

Kathy said...

Pat, I was sitting here a little bit peckish and after seeing your magnificent creation I am just starving, you are multi-talented that's for sure. The daring bakers challenge looks a lot of fun, I love your new apron it suits you and hubby looks cute in it too. hugs, Kathy.

Ann said...

Wonderful job! And you had such great chocolate to work with!

Sara said...

Ooooh, beautiful decorations...awesome job!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Congratulations Pat on your first Daring Bakers challenge!! Woo Hoo!!! And what a sucess it was! Your chocolate ganache looks wonderfully rich and thick. I'm sure, that besides your Mom, it was the hit of the party. Job well done my friend!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh PAT!!! That looks so good! If it tasted 1/2 as good as it looks I'm sure it's to die for.


Hey, if you want to email me your address I would be happy to send you some tips to use for your next cake. I have tons! Since I'm not doing that many cakes any more I don't need that many and would be thrilled if you could use them.

My email address is I also have some cake decorating books if you are interested in those at all.


steviewren said...

What an undertaking! I am impressed with the level of difficulty and the time needed to make this recipe. How did it taste? It looks delicious. I like to do a variety of things but I'm not one for spending this much time making something people will gobble up so quickly! Good job. I can't wait to hear about next month's challenge.

Beverly said...

That's it!!! I'm knocking at your door now. Yummo!!!

Dee Dee said...

Heavenly day girl! I would say you were up to the callenge and far exceeded the expectations for the Daring Baker Challenge :)

I'm quite sure your mother was pleased....Happy 86th Birthday to her from Dee Dee :)

Dee Dee said...

oops...challenge :) correction

Passionate About Baking said...

Hey Pat...that's one pretty cake & your buttercream is so well behave. Mine made me WEEP!! Great first challenge....welcome to DBs!! Ciao Deeba

Strider said...

That's terrible to show all those pictures! I guess it could be could have shown yourself eating a bite of it!!!:-) Man, that looks tasty! I was doing ok until you showed the slice taken out and the layers were showing. Teasingly Tasty Post!!

Pat said...

Picket ---love your award Picket--thanks so much

Katy Lin -- Oh I hope you do join!

Kathy -- wish I could give you a slice

Ann -- welcome! it's great to meet another Brooklyn baker! Your cake was wonderful!

Sara -- Welcome! Loved your mini cakes!

Proud Italian Cook -- Thanks! So glad I learned about this group form you!

Joanne -- yes it's DEeeeelicious! Thanks!!

Steviewren -- It was work intensive but I learned a lot by making it and it was fun was a way to create something beautiful

Beverly -- anytime! I'll start brewing the coffee!

Dee Dee --thanks so much

Passionate About Baking -- Welcome and thanks so much! Your cake was incredible.

Strider! It was really good --now back to my diet!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful cake- perfect for your new beautiful apron. I'm sure your 86 year old felt so special eating it knowing how much effort you put in to making her day special.

Michelle said...

Pat I absolutely love the way your decorated your cake and adding the raspberries adds a zing to the color. Just gorgeous!

steviewren said...

Mmmm, it still looks yummy!

Hey, check my blog out...I've challenged you!

creampuff said...

Nice job on your first challenge, Pat!

Jeanne said...

Pat, I want to let you know I have posted the You Make me Smile award at last. Thank you so much for giving it to me. I am in remiss for not acknowledging it before now...

This past month has been nonstop company and I totally missed your post. Beverly told me about it. I love that you included me and I am honored to accept.

Love, Jeanne

LOUISE said...

Your mum must have been so impressed with the cake. When I read about the chocolate bar in your earlier post, I wasn't sure if it would make it to a recipe! I have always loved praline chocolates so I am sure I would love this cake. I wonder if Mr Torres would like the recipe? x

Dhanggit said...

what a beautiful filbert cake and this is your first challenge!! wow!! i'll be looking forward every month on your challenges!! welcome to DB

Anonymous said...

Your cake looks awesome! Great job!


Camille said...

Your cake looks wonderful! I like that you added the raspberries.

Oh, and that white cake dish is adorable.

Happy Birthday to your mother!

CatHerder said...

omg!!!!!!!!! Youre not helping my diet :-)

BC said...

Oh my gosh! For a first challange, that is amazing. You are obviously a person of many talents.

Marg said...

This is one birthday cake. The time and effort is truly worth it.
Thanks for sharing the recipe.
I often make a hazelnut roll which is similiar.
But I love this new variation.

Rue said...

Hi Pat :)

That cake looks absolutely delicious!! I'm not a baker, but I like to eat baked goods ;)

You and your hubby are too cute in that apron! :)


Rue said...

Oh! And Happy Birthday to your mom!! :)

Ruth said...

Your cake looks great. Thats a celebration cake for sure!!!

Kai said...

OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! That's ME, in total PAIN as the pounds pop out all OVER my already round body just from LOOKING at this delectable cake. Love your blog - except it made me HUNGRY this time! LOL!

Poetikat said...

Pat, I'm tagging you for a song-meme. Please drop by my blog for details.


P.S. I'll be back later to drool over your delish desserts!

Eat4Fun said...


Congrats on your first challenge. I bet the challenge was made extra special by baking the cake for your mom.

Your cake looked remarkable. I like the way the berries appear to be growing from the frosting (magical frosting vines... lol! Just my vivid imagination going here).

Also, thanks for coming by and commenting for my first DB post too. It's nice to hear from fellow DB'ers.

John (Eat4Fun)

Laurie said...

Fabulous Pat! Congratulations on this challenge, it is GORGEOUS! I love how you added color with the fruit and chocolate! :)

Alex said...

Good afternoon, Pat. What a VERY yummy looking cake! Me and my hubby are sitting here drooling over it. =D

Pat said...

Melanie --Thanks! My Mom loved it

Michelle -- Thanks so much

Stevie -lol-- I'm going over to your blog now to see what is up!

Cream puff --Welcome and thanks! I love being a Daring Baker!

Jeanne --no problem --I know it was easy to miss. Thanks!
Louise --yes she did! Thanks!

Dhanggit -- Welcome! loved your cake too!

Paz --thanks so much!

Camille -- welcome, thanks that was sweet of you!

Catherder -- LOL!

bc -- Welcome and thanks!

Marg -- I think you'll like it --it's not as hard to make as it looks

rue --thanks sweetie!

Ruth -- welcome and thanks!

Kai -- lol! I've been hearing that :-)

poetikat -- thanks! I'll go check out what you have on your blog

eat4fun --welcome and thanks so much! I loved your cake too!

Laurie --welcome and thanks! Your cake was great!

Alex --thanks! It was fun to make.

Michelle said...

Wow! You are quite the cake decorator :) That looks so yummy, can you spare a slice??


Barb said...

Hi Pat,

Oh my goodness! Girl, that looks amazing. I know your mom must have just loved it.

You have many talents my friend.


Cori G. said...

Oh it makes me want to dive into it right now...yum!
:)! Have a great day Pat.
Cori G.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Wow! That is the most beautiful cake ever and it's really making me wish for a you think it can be here in three days or less? :D

Happy birthday to your beautiful mom!

Kevin said...

Your cake looks great! Nice job decorating with the buttercream. I like the raspberries on it.

hexe said...

What a great job on your first challenge. I bet your Mom loved it.

nanatrish said...

The cake looks so professional. You have so much talent. Yummy YUMMY

nanatrish said...

Okay, now I know if you were 12 when Hermans Hermits were popular you are younger than me. Wow, I'm the 50th comment. This is the place to be. Right around the table eating that cake. I have decided to start a diet Aug 11th. My friend and I are coming to NYC in the spring and I want to be able to get around really well to see everything.

Junie Moon said...

What a beautiful cake. A very happy birthday to your mother! You are positively brilliant in the baking deparment, my friend.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Wow Pat! I am impressed!! That looks so good.

Lunch Buckets said...

Beautiful! The ganache looks like it should be illegal :) Welcome to the group!

Tracy said...

I'm wondering if drool can short a pc keyboard...because I'm drooling over this one--LOL! That looks oh, sooooo good! I love the idea of the baking challenge...not sure if I can squeeze it in...I'm mean to be simplifying my schedule--LOL! Happy eating...and happy weekend ((HUGS))

GMG said...

Hi Pat! TGIF and I’m trying to make a break from some hectic weeks…
WOW! Though I'm not so keen on dark chocolate cakes, I wouldn't mind being invited for this one!! ;)
Many thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, still at the MoMA! Hope you enjoy (they allow us to take pictures) and wish you a great weekend and a nice holiday, in case you have the chance to profit from it! ;))

Alex said...

Hi Pat. Hope you had a good day! :)

Donna said...

What a challenge! The cake is beautiful and looks absolutely delish! I know your mother had to love it!

una donna dolce said...

congrats on your first challenge!

nikkicrumpet said...

I saw your link on catnabarn and I was scrolling through your posts....and after the baking challenge post....I'M HUNGRY!!!

silverrock said...

Mmmm... raspberries, sprinkles, chocolate and buttercream... that's my kind of cake. I love the way you chose to decorate it, very unique. Way to go on your first DB challenge!

LL said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, absolutely scrumptious looking creation! Pat, you are very talented, I applaud you and this yummy cake...your mother is lucky to have such a caring daughter...

Lauren said...

Mmm, your cake looks wonderful! I love all of your decorations!