Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waterford Crystal

I finally received the beautiful Waterford Crystal that I ordered at the Waterford Crystal Factory in Waterford, Ireland. If you missed that post you can read about our visit to the factory here.

My husband told me to choose anything I wanted from the showroom as my birthday gift! That was like letting someone with a sweet tooth loose in a candy store! I circled the very large Waterford factory showroom so many times and handled so many objects that I was getting an anxiety attack, as I couldn't decide! A vase? A pitcher? Candlesticks? No...look...beautiful champagne toasting glasses!

I already owned three pieces of Waterford -- a bud vase that was a gift, years ago, from my brother and sister-in-law, a bell that my husband gave me for Christmas also many years ago, and an 8 inch cross that my husband gave to me this past Easter.

So I finally decided on this beautiful nine inch bowl in the "Grainne" pattern. It was heavy and deep, and I liked the very deep star pattern cuts. After just being on the factory tour, and witnessing the amount of work it takes to make one bowl, from the glass blowing to the cutting and engraving, I had a great appreciation for its craftsmanship, and I knew this was someday going to become a family heirloom.

Then, as we wereabout to make our purchase, we saw this special pair toasting flutes on display!

They are twelve inches tall, and their pattern is called "Celtic Spirit." This pattern is only available for sale in Ireland as a factory exclusive. We fell in love with them and decided to purchase them as our gift to each other for our 34 wedding anniversary this fall. From now on we will have these special glasses to toast all our happy occasions!

Because we were purchasing both the bowl and the flutes, plus a small gift each for our daughter and daughter-in-law, we decided to ship all items to our home as we qualified for free shipping, and as a promotion for visiting the factory this small hospitality party dish was available for a fraction of the original cost, and by this point we agreeably acquiesced!

I'm thrilled to have these beautiful objects and will always cherish them, not only for their beauty and my husband's generosity, but also as wonderful mementos of our visit to Ireland.

To order Waterford Crystal, as well as other beautiful collectibles from Ireland, you can go to Cashs of Ireland web site, and also order their free catalog.

EDIT: I'm trying something new -- I'll try to comment back in my comment section instead of sending individual e-mails, or answering your questions on your blog posts. I see a lot of blogger doing this recently, so I guess it is blogger courtesy and protocol to do it this way? Please let me know what you prefer! Thanks!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Waterford is so beautiful! My daughter has a bowl given to her as a wedding girt from my uncle...they have been to Ireland a couple of times. I love your choice! Thanks for sharing.

Dana said...

What lovely crystal pieces those are--the flutes are so precious as your gifts to each other. These memories of your trip were certainly worth the wait! I love crystal, too, but I don't own any Waterford--YET!! :-)

Strider said...

Your husband came up with a great idea......let the wife pick out what she really wants. I've done this for years (it's the only way she is happy with the purchases), but your husband chose the store. I like it. I'll try it out on my wife in the months to come. Tell hubby thanks for the info.

Tara said...


what nice pieces! I actually thought of the Grainne for my youngest...did you know it's pronounced Groyna? What a nice Mom and Mom-in law you are for thinking of your family with presents!


Junie Moon said...

Waterford crystal is so exquisite. I'm so glad you had this opportunity to avail yourself of their wonderful pieces.

I have to catch up on the wonders I see I missed on your blog while on vacation--so many fun and interesting things to read.

Pat said...

Thanks Diane! Maybe you can add to your daughter's collection too!

Dana -- I hope you do get some Waterford -- the Irish say Americans are the best customers and they miss us buying it because it's gotten so expensive with the dollar exchange being so poor.

Strider -- my husband always loves when I help him in the gift buying category. He wants to please me but has a hard time knowing what to buy. Sometimes my daughter helps him and that works well as she has great taste :-)

Tara - I did hear the name pronounced while in Ireland, but Gaelic names are hard to remember, so I appreciate the phonetic pronunciation. The pattern is lovely -- it's more modern than many other patterns.

Junie! I am so glad you're back from vacation and I do hope you get a chance to catch up soon!

willow said...

Beautiful pieces, Pat! Good choices. I have a few pices of crystal that WT brought back from Prague, including a vase, my favorite, that I like to keep fresh flowers in.

Dee Dee said...

Pat...your new Waterford bowl is just beautiful...oh my how you will enjoy it, I'm quite sure. I would say the fella that bought it for you is a "keeper" ...Good blessings for the day my friend....Dee Dee :)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

The Waterford is going to be such a beautiful addition to your collection. What a joy it will be to toast many wonderful events —your anniversary, the birth of your grandchild, the finding of a treasure...I am certain that you'll come up with many reasons to celebrate!

Funny you should say that you're switching to using comments to respond. I was thinking of switching to email. Either way, I'm certain that I am woefully behind!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Absolutely beautiful pieces Pat, and everytime you look at them you'll be reminded of your wonderful trip!

Alex said...

Waterford has so many beautiful pieces to choose from. I don't think I could have done it! ;-) hahahaha. Your choices were wonderful!

(PS If you don't mind, I love it when you stop by and leave a note!)

Have a good evening.

Pat said...

Willow -- my son visited Prague when he backpacked through Europe after his college graduation. He said it was one of the loveliest cites in Europe. He brought back a handmade bell(I collect bells) and a cross made of some handmade lace in a frame.

Dee Dee --thank you andyes I think I'll keep the big mustached man :-)

Vee! I was so excited to read your news! I don't know how you can be visiting blogs, Mrs Newlywed! I hope you and mystery man share much happiness and many blessings!

PIC-- Marie -- Thanks! Thye will always be a treasure.

Alex -- thanks, and don't worry I'll still be visiting blogs -- I'll just be communicating more here too.

Lisa B. said...

How exciting Pat that all your pieces are finally "home"! They are all lovely. I really, really love the glasses and the story and sentiment behind them!!! That you both bought them as gifts to each other :) That is the best part of a heirloom...the loving stories behind them!!!

I will be interested to know how the posting of return comments in your comments goes for you...keep me posted. And/or I'll reading to see how everyone responds....

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh I loves Cash's of Ireland!! I am the keeper of heritage in the family, so I try to get them gifts that are not only gorgeous...Waterford!!! but
with a bit of significance. (Yes, we are Irish..: )
Great idea from your husband! I like his way of thinking!

McM ^..^

Kathy said...

Hi Pat, What beautiful pieces, I love Waterford, I missed the tour in Ireland but of course I followed your tour and my hubby said it was great because it did not cost HIM a penny, you have such a gem of a hubby and you will most certainly enjoy your gifts for many years to come. hugs Kathy.

Kathy said...

Interesting article in NYT today, 11 best foods you arent eating.

Although there were more than a few things on the list I do not eat very often. I am a big beetroot eater, hubby says I would eat it with dessert if I could so can't be all bad.

Thanks Pat, great idea.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!
Wow you lucky lucky girl! Your crystal pieces are magnificent! Your husband is sooo sweet to give you such lovely gifts that will be family treasures. What a great guy you have! Being from Toledo, the Glass Capitol of the World, I have a great appreciation of glass & crystal. The Libbey Crystal collection is incredible. Toledo now has a museum that is just for glass/crystal, with a school for glass makers.
Of course nothing ever beats Waterford! The finest of fine!!
Love your New York Times article click on. Great idea! You always have great ideas Pat!

Joanne Kennedy said...

You are one spoiled I mean LUCKY girl. LOL

Very pretty things you were able to find.


steviewren said...

Pat, I wanted to comment on your post last night but ran out of time (Unfortunately I can't be blogging all night long. I do need some sleep as I must be up and off to work early). I just wanted to say that I also think your NY Times link is a great idea.

As to your note about leaving comments on the blog. I like to leave a message in the location where the conversation is taking place. But sometimes I am not sure if the person I responded to is seeing my reply. Probably no way is the perfect way to do it. Did you see my reply to your comment about my music selections...I gushed over my love of everything on your playlist. I really like them all.

Your Waterford is fabulous. You really picked out some beautiful pieces. If I had my wishes and a small fortune, I would love to have a Waterford lamp. I really like the way the light is reflected off the cut patterns.

Little Cat said...

C'est vraiment magnifique! I would like to go to Irland!
Bonne journée!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

The dishes and goblets are lovely, but the memories sound like they are sweeter still.

Marg said...

What a wonderful gift. I was beginning to wonder how you would carry it back home.
What a memory and like you said, an heirloom.
I bought my husband some beautiful wine glasses for his 60th.
I liked them and so I thought he would also cherish them.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Pat, I love your crystal. It's so beautiful. Please drop by my blog. I have something for you! Love ya, Trish

Pat said...

Lisa B -- thanks! You are always so supportive! I hope this new way do commenting works out well.

Tales from the OC Cottage - I hope you get the chance to read my posts about Ireland someday. I'm so in love with it.

Kathy -- You will have to visit Waterford next time!
Thanks -- I was surprised by some of the foods on that list. I think beets are a "love them or hate them" type of veggie.

Sherry -- I never knew Toldeo had a glass museum! I visited the one in Corning, NY once and enjoyed it very much. I'd love to see Toledo's museum too, someday.

Joanne -- lol! Yes, I am very lucky! :-)

Steviewren -- please don't worry about frequent comments -- I know how hard it is some days to keep up with real life, let alone blogging! That is why I hope commenting here will help me keep up. A Waterford lamp would be wonderful -- their chandeliers were stunning. That would really be a big investment but something to treasure always.

Little Cat -- Yes -- visit Ireland! It is a beautiful country and very friendly.

Laura Ingalls Gunn- thanks so much!

Marg -- Waterford cystal wine glasses is a wonderful birthday gift!

Nanatrish -- thnaks! I love a surprise!

aliceinparis said...

I love Waterford Crystal. I have a beautiful vase that belonged to my grandmother. SHe kept roses in it in the window in her front parlour.
Here in Halifax we have a Crystal Manufacturing Studio. Nova Scotia Crystal it is called, they brought people from Waterford to train the artisans. You can watch them blowing it and carving. Just wonderful.

Beverly said...

This package must have made your day. Each piece is a work of art.

I have been ordering via Cash for years. I always receive wonderful service.

Pat said...

AliceinParis -- I've visited Halifax -- such a lovely city! I would love to see your Crystal Manufacturing Studio.

Beverly -- It's good to know Cashs is reputable! I saw some things in their catalog which a very tempting!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

The bowls and the champagne flutes are just gorgeous. I would love to tour Waterford, and I would be like you in having a good deal of difficulty in deciding what to buy...everything is so timelessly classic and lovely.