Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Duffett Folk Art

I'd love to introduce everyone to a wonderful folk artist who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, named Shelagh Duffet.

A few years ago, while visiting the city of Halifax in Nova Scotia, I came upon an ad for her art in a local travel brochure, and the link to her her blog, "Art & Tea". It was one of the first blogs I ever read! I was immediately enchanted by her whimsical folk art style paintings, and beautiful photography, plus I enjoyed her blogs about her and her young daughter's travel adventures to Paris and Scotland, amongst other places, and their life on the beautiful island of Nova Scotia.

Shelagh has been selling her delightful little paintings on E-Bay shop for years, but now she has an ETSY shop called Alice In Paris, where prints of some her artwork are available, and Broomhill Pictures, where prints of some of her beautiful photographs are sold.

I bought the following four prints recently when Shelagh was having a special sale. They are still in the cellophane envelopes that they are mailed in, as I have not bought frames for them as yet, but you can still see their bright happy colors and folk primative detail. ( click on all to enlarge)

I bought the one above for my future grandchild's bedroom. I thought the cats sleeping together in their bright blue bed under a colorful calico quilt was so sweet!

I also purchased the print below for my grandchild's room because my son and daughter-in-law have an aquarium, and this watchful cat crouched in the corner above the pond full of goldfish reminded me of how their cats always watch their fish!

The next two prints were gifts for my daughter who recently adopted two adorable kittens, Maynard and Bartleby. This is the first time she has multiple cats in her apartment, and these prints of multiple cats lounging on a sofa and a settee were just too cute to resist!

Don't cats (and sometimes dogs) always find the best seat in the house, and claim it as their own?

Shelagh signs each print, and has a 100% positive feedback on her service in both her ETSY shops and her E-Bay shop, and her paintings, prints, and photographs have been sold all around the world!

I was very pleased with my entire transaction, and I hope you will take a peak at her ETSY shops and also be enchanted!


steviewren said...

I like the last print the best. The cats look right at home in that room.

I'm running off to check out her blog.

Mrs. B said...

Hi Pat! I love your new pictures! Especially the cat watching the fish. Too cute!

Yes, cats and dogs always find the best spots. My little dog (who actually things she's a cat) likes to lay right across the top of the sofa.

I've been wanting to go to Nova Scotia. I'd love to hear more about it sometime!

Mrs. B said...

I forgot to answer your question about the American Idol concert... They were all fun to watch, but I'd have to say the one that surprised me the most was Carly. I think her talent really came through a lot more live than it did on the show. Plus, she was really beautiful. But of course, David Cook was my favorite.

M.Kate said...

Oh Pat :) I love all the prints..they are SO CUTE and pretty and you picked all the right ones for your family. hugs :)

guild-rez said...

wonderful cat pictures and post letting your readers know about the artist.
Love all the pictures,
cheers from Toronto.

Tracy said...

Such charming arts works...and her Etsy shop is full of sweet things! Thanks for sharing, Pat. I've always had soft spot for folk art. Happy Days ((HUGS))

aliceinparis said...

Hi Pat! Thanks so much for this lovely blog entry! How kind of you:)I hope you are enjoying your prints.
Cheers, Shelagh

Tara said...


How cute! I'm going shopping for my little girl's room!

P>S> Leaving Monday for a NYC trip---we are doing your Statue of Liverty, Battery Park, Frances Tavern post from beginning to end! My hubby says thanks for doing all the work, the reservations were easy my dear friend!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Thanks for the link! The prints are delightful, and you did a great job of chosing just the right ones.
Have a great day,

Dee Dee said...

Pat...these are perfect for your grandchildren...I love the first one with them all in bed under the big blanket...reminds me of an old song for children...We sang it as...There were ten little children lying in the bed and middle one said roll over roll over, so they all rolled over and one rolled out their were nine in the bed and the middle one said roll over ...on and on....:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, those prints are lovely. Very well chosen. I'll have to check out her sites now. You might like a local artist called Lynn Fraser. I've got some of her Japanese Girls but she has many styles. http://www.lynnfraser.co.uk/

Rue said...

Hi Pat :)

Those prints are darling! I love that first one especially :)


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

That's a great story...and how does your friend pronounce her name?

Sweet prints! Are they for you or a gift for the new grand?

Cathy said...

Hello, Pat.....I love those pictures....Those are so cute! I love folk art!

Have a great day...and thanks for sharing those~

Pat said...

Stevie-- hope you enjoy Shelagh's blog

Mrs B -- We took a special cruise for a special anniversary a few years ago and we stopped at a few places in Canada --wonderful trip! I'll have to scan my photos as it was in my pre-digital camera days. I've heard Carly was really great live -- I wonder if she was TV camera shy when on the AI show?

M Kate -- thanks! Shelagh's paintings have a sense of innocence to them that I love.

guild-rez --welcome, and thank you!

Tracy -- I love ETSY! :-)

AliceinParis -- I love your artwork Shelagh! I'm excited to tell everyone about you!

Tara -- your daughter will probably love them. Have fun Monday! I hope you have great weather and give Ms Liberty a hug from me!

Diane -- thanks! Maybe you'll see something you like for your grandsons.

Dee Dee -- I loved that little song! I think Shelagh's paintings are perfect for teh young and young at heart.

Melanie Thanks for the link -- that was an interesting artist with a great diversity of themes.

Rue --that is my favorite too!

Vee -- Shelagh is pronounced "SHEE-la," like the name Sheila. It's of Irish origin and means "Heaven" -- my sister-in-law is a Sheila. :-) Yes, two were bought for my grandbaby to be and two were for my cat loving daughter.

Cathy --thanks! I hope you look at her ETSY gallery.

Kathy said...

What lovely artwork Pat, Shelagh is very talented, your grandchild will adore those brightly coloured kittens and your daughter an SIL will love their prints to, what thoughtful presents Pat.
I am off to look at "aliceinparis" now, thanks and hugs Kathy.

Beverly said...

I love them all. So colorful, fun and whimsical. My favorite is the aquarium.

Junie Moon said...

What a delightful artist; her work is really fun. The one with the cats in the bed does indeed remind of that old song "...and they all rolled over and one fell out..." as cited by Dee Dee in your commments.

LOUISE said...

These pictures are just up my street, I love folk art, and the use of lots of bright colours together. Always nice to buy items which have a special meaning to you too. x

French said...

Well Miss Pat~~both Kathy 9have suitcase will travel) and Picket have asked me to stop in and say hello to one special lady so I am doing just that;) I see we already have 2 things in common, first I am a RN, and 2 I just posted some pics a few days ago of Nova Scotia! Fond memories of my childhood! So hello and a pleasure to meet you! French;)

dana said...

Hi Pat! I love 'em all---the bright colors and the kitties!!

I was thinking you might have been at the All Star Game last night!!

Alex said...

These are BEAUTIFUL and very inspiring!! I need to take a vacation with you. You have the most awesome trips! ;-)

PAT said...

They're all wonderful, Pat! I love the whimsy and bright colors!

Have a great rest of the week.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

These pictures are great. I tend to go towards bright colors and I absolutely love cat pictures. My favorite is the one where they are spread all over the couch. I have had so many cats in my life and they have all been special in their own way. I will check out your artist friend's site. It sounds very interesting.

Marg said...

I love those pictures.
They are so true.
You couldn't select better pictures for your new grandchild.
The time is running down. Get prepared for the time of your life.

Picket said...

Hey girl..beautiful pictures...love the colors! Thanks for coming by..girl you drink buttermilk!? lol My dad could eat cornbread and buttermilk every night! lol lol I just can't put it to my lips! lol lol Funny how you can spend most of your life in the country and being raised around so many country relatives that truly lived off the land you just can't be that country! lol Have a great night friend!

Pat said...

Kathy, Beverly, Junie, Louise, NanaTrish, Alex, Pat,Marg and Picket -- thanks so much my friends! Glad you liked them too!

French --Glad you came by! I enjoyed your blog also.

Dana --I wish I could agone to the All Star Game! Tickets were hard to come by and mucho expensive -- way over our league...lol

Donna said...

Ooooo, I love all the prints!
They're wonderful!

I've got to check out her shop!


CatHerder said...

I never knew he had a shop there, I will have to check it out!!! LOVE the cat prints....our entire house is full of kitty prints! (youre not suprised though are you?)

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

They're all beautiful. I think I like the one with the cats asnuggle in the bed the best. So adorable!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Those are darling! I just stopped by her shop and her prices are great!

I'm going to buy one or two for my cousin's Christmas present. She loves cats and there are so many cute prints!

Thanks for the tip.

The ones you got are so cute! I think it's so cute how you are so excited for your new Grandson that you are already buying so many things for him! He is going to be one lucky little boy having you are his Grandma.