Saturday, July 12, 2008

Roses, and A Favorite New Book

In my quest to get healthy and physically fit I had been going to the gym pretty regularly and pushing myself to do a little more each time. Unfortunately, I must have pushed myself a little too hard because I've developed a case of bursitis in my hip! OUCH!

My husband wanted to take me to the doctor for a steroid injection but I resisted, hoping rest and NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) would help. As a nurse I knew another acronym would ultimately help: RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation).

RICE has always helped in the past, when I had knee trouble, but it is hard to elevate and compress a hip joint and it was taking a little longer to heal than I had hoped. I was feeling a little frustrated and sad about it all.

So, to cheer me up, look at the wonderful surprise I received from my husband and daughter yesterday!

A bouquet of beautiful roses and lilies!

I just love the pretty yellow and orange tipped roses and delicate mini lilies, and they smell so good!

Thank you my sweet L & V!!

Also, when I discussed some of my favorite old book treasures that I've collected over the years, I forgot to mention my very favorite new book treasure!

Current Issues In Educational Law And Policy

Why? My son, along with other students in the graduate class of Kevin Welner, associate professor of educational policy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, along with fellow editor Wendy Chi, were co-authors of the twelve chapters of this book!

I am so very proud of my son's accomplishments, and his desire to make a contribution in the field of educational policy in the USA.


Barb said...

Hi Pat,

It is a good thing you are a nurse, I think I would have gotten the injection! Take it easy. I hope RICE helps and quickly. Beautiful flowers.
Your hubby and daughter are very thoughtful. They would have cheered me right up.

Congrats to your son. That is quite an accomplishment. He is a young person making a difference.

hugs and RICE,

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

oh Pat,
I hope you get to feeling better! The flowers are beautiful...your hubby and daughter are really thoughtful.

Thanks for sharing the book & your son's accomplishements! Sounds like you've done a wonderful job with both of your kids!

Mary said...

Oh Pat, I hope you are feeling better soon! Joint injuries are no fun.

Your flowers are beautiful! You have a very sweet family. And congrats to your son for his work -- that is so exciting!

Enjoy your weekend -- rest and heal.

Sandy said...

Pat, thanks for coming by. Congrats on your son's book accomplishment - that is terrific.

and oh...those flowers!! Hope your hip does better real soon.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Pat,
I am so sorry to hear about your hip! I hope you start to mend soon. Your flowers are just beautiful, what a thoughtful hubbie and daughter!

And BIG congrats to your son. That is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet of your husband and daughter. Beautiful flowers. Congrats to your son on his accomplishments. Feel better real soon.


Lisa B. said...

I'm sorry you are hurting Pat! The flowers are beautiful!!! Congrats on your award below!! Always well deserved! I will visit your recommendations when I find the time...

Hope your hip is feeling better soon : )

Cori G. said...

Hi Pat,
your flowers are beautiful. I hope your RICE recipe is working and that you're feeling better. I just hate when that happens don't you? I makes you not want to go back to the gym :0.
Get lots of rest.

Kathy said...

Pat I am sorry to hear that your hip is taking longer to heal than you had hoped, hope you are feeling better soon. What beautiful flowers from your loved ones, how thoughtful, they will help your recovery I am sure.

WOW!. I bet you are proud of your very talented son, how cool. Now that is a book to treasure. take it easy my friend and enjoy the rest of your weekend, hugs Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your son. Maybe one day he'll write a seminal work on his own and this is just a stepping stone. how exciting for him!

Ouch Pat I hope your hips gets better. Those flowers are truely wonderful!

I've been catching up with your blog- I loved the Waterford factory too. We were just driving along and came across it. Did you travel up to Avoca too where they filmed Father Ted?

I loved reading your post on the books. I'm glad that they have found a new loving home. So many are pure treasures. Hubby says I have an odd attitude to books in that I hate page creases and cracked spines and like them in alphabetical order so I can find them. As for jane Eyre- my hair does a great impression of Mrs Rochester- the mad attic wife. LOL Really ought to brush it but I'm sorting out the spare room.

Alex said...

Hi Pat,
I hope you are feeling better soon. Hey..have you ever thought of laying on a pad that has magnets in them? My mother has had hip issues ever since she fell on ice a few years back. Recently, she bought one of these and it has, amazingly, helped her pain significantly.

And those roses...BEAUTIFUL!!! =) You are well deserving of those.



Beverly said...

Bummer about your hip hurting. I have severe arthritis in my right hip, so I feel your pain. Hopefully you'll be dancing in the street again soon. I think just looking at those flowers will make you heal faster.

Kudos to your son. I know you're proud of him.

Dana said...

How wonderful, Pat! I know you must be beaming with pride over your son's accomplishment!

I do hope your hip is better---I hate it when my head wants to do something and my elder body says "I don't think so"!

Hope your week-end is restful--enjoy your "educational read"!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Good reason to be proud of your son! I'd be very interested to know what is going on in the field of edcuation and the law just now.

I was about to admonish you for I know that nurses tend to toss their own health out the window, but it sounds as if you are doing all the right things for now. What a boost that bouquet is and thank you for sharing it! Beautiful!!

steviewren said...

Pat, take care of yourself! Enjoy your sweet family's loving concern until you are feeling better. Congratulate your son for me on his awesome accomplishment! I know you are a proud mama.


"eres como la noche, callada y constelada."...!?...

Grazie mille!

Cucina cara Mia said...

What a wonderful accomplishment for your son. You must be a proud manma!! Hope you feel better soon, flowers always cheer me up.. especially roses.

PAT said...

Hope your hip is feeling much better by now, Pat!

Congratulations to your son!

After being away, the better part of two weeks, I've been going from blog to blog, skipping here and there, catching up! I certainly enjoyed catching up here!

I'm celebrating my 200th post. Come by when you have a minute. I'm having a little giveaway, in honor of the occasion.

Have a wonderful week!

Picket said...

Beautiful flowers sweetie...I do hope you get better quickly...and congrats to your son..what an accomplishment..I know you must be strutting like a proud peacock!!! lol Take care sweetie and have a great week!

M.Kate said...

Hello Pat
Congrats on your son's book firstly :)

You are correct, RICE is sometimes what we need, listening to our body at times is the best thing. I do hope that you'll get much better.

As for the exercise part...arghhhh....what a dilemma to me, so we certainly now have something in common!!

Roses from husband and daughter, so sweet. I am sure my daughter will give me flowers any time, as for zeee was ages ago!!bigs hug :)

Tara said...

Hi Pat

You know I'm with you in the exercise thing, buddy! Everything hurts and I am trying to keep going! We can do it!

You must be so proud of your son!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat!
What sweeties you have! The flowers are so beautiful and I know a book is like gold to you!
I also get bursitis in my hips but I have to give in and do the injections. I'm on my feet a lot and RICE just never seems to be in the picture for me. It is a very painful thing to get, and I also seem to get it when I'm being good and exercising
to be healthier. What's with that?
Hope you're feeling better soon!!
Hugs, Sherry

Cathy said...

Hello Pat, I love looking at all your pictures, and reading the interesting things about them. I was especially drawn to the Chocolate store! To answer your question about my pond...I put "blueing" in it. It's called pond shade.Sometimes i put too much.
Your flowers are beautiful, and get better fast!

Have a great day Cathy (Catnabarn)