Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Treats!

I tried a recipe this holiday from Yankee Magazine's web site for Italian Easter Bread that was easy to make and turned out delicious!

If someone asked me what one thing I'd change about life when I was first married, I would say that I should have had a Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer from day one. I love to bake, and for years I relied on hand mixers or cheap imitation stand mixers. When I started to watch Martha Stewart's TV show and saw the results she had by using a Kitchen Aide I started dropping hints, and thankfully my husband presented me with one a few years ago. It has made my life so much easier and I use it all the time.

This is the yeast starter being beated by the dough attachment of the Kitchen Aide.

This the bread dough all mixed and ready to knead on a floured board.

This is the dough after it has had the mixed candied fruit and slivered almonds the recipe calls for incorporated into it, and after it has been twisted into a braid as the recipe describes. I placed in the colored eggs into the braid at this point and allowed the dough a second rising before baking.

I also made a second batch which I divided into two smaller loafs to give away. I wrapped them all in cellophane wrap and ribbons

I also made an Easter Bunny cake using a William-Sonoma exclusive Nordic Ware three dimensional Bunny With Basket cake pan I purchased on sale this year.

The cake pan comes with a dense pound cake recipe that allows the bunny cake to stand so well.

There are so many nice ways to decorate the cake. I made extra batter to place the cupcakes around the bunny, and of course I had to use Peeps chicks and bunnies to decorate them.
We celebrated Easter at my brother and sister-in-law's home, and the dessert table was pretty full of sweet treats. His grandchildren made Easter basket cup cakes and Linzer Tarts, and there were fresh strawberries and cream, a pistachio pudding pie and Italian pastries too!

I hope everyone had a very happy and blessed Easter, and that your day was also full of treats!
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Tara said...


Wow! What a lot of baking was done! The egg wreaths look great--can you even move today frmo all the food? I am having trouble!

Kathleen Grace said...

Wow, everything looks beautiful and delicious! Sounds like you had a great Easter!

Sandy said...

WOW, those were some fantastic dessert creations! I would have hated to cut into them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat and thanks for visiting my blog! I love love love your easter bread. Great job there :)

Vee said...

Such a lovely and festive Easter table laden with all those treats.

I know what you mean about the Kitchen Aid. I'm going to miss it when my sister reclaims it. Actually, it could be a blessing in disguise...

Have a great evening!

Rue said...

WOW! I'm impressed!! Great desserts :) But now I'm hungry... any leftovers?? ;)


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat! I went into a diabetic coma just looking at your blog photos! Wes said he gained 10 lbs looking at it! We had a great Easter and ate way way way too much! Looks like yours was grand too. Hugs, Sherry
PS I didn't receive the little Italian Easter bread yet, I bet it's just arriving late, HA-HA!!

Anonymous said...

I am droooling! Love your Easter bread - I used to make a huge one when we were first married. Buona Pasquetta!

Gina said...

Your Easter bread looks incredible Pat...thanks for the link, will have to try it next year...and such a gorgeous bunny cake, I'm sure it would have been hard to cut him!
I'm glad you had a lovely day and family celebration. Gx

Michelle said...

Your treats look wonderful! I made my Grandma and Grandpa's Italian Easter bread too!