Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PEEPS Treats

Ever since I was a child, Marshmallow Peeps have been a part of my Easter basket treats. I just loved their delicious sweetness and soft texture.

Their story begins with a Russian immigrant candy maker, Sam Born, who liked to display his new chocolate confections in his Brooklyn, New York shop window with a sign announcing they were so fresh, they were "just born", hence the eventual name of his candy company.

Just Born Quality Confections moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, US, and eventually acquired the Rodda Candy Company, who at that time were producing yellow marshmallow chicks, which took 27 hours to make just one by hand!
The process was soon automated in 1953 by Just Born, and their popularity grew, as did their variety of shapes and colors. Over one billion Peeps are "born" every year!

Did you ever wonder how a marshmallow PEEP was made? Better Homes and Gardens Magazine has a nice pictorial story here, and of course, you can go to the official website by Just Born Candy for Marshmallow Peeps website to learn more interesting facts, find recipes, and join their fan club.

Correspondent Rita Braver on CBS News Sunday Morning show did a segment about how they've evolved beyond an Easter tradition into the subject of an astonishing, almost cult-like following. You can read her story here.
I was interested to find out that each Peep has 35 calories! Not so bad, considering all those "100 calories" snack packs on the market that have so little in them.

Marc Summers of the Food Network did a special called "Easter Unwrapped" and in a segment of the show he spoke with a Peep artist, David Ottogalli. Mr Ottogalli has used Peeps for wedding dioramas, magnets, flag images ... it's fun to go and take a peek at his fanciful and colorful creations on his website.

For parents and teachers there is a Peeps Research website where you can do "science experiments" using peeps and judge their reaction to heat and cold, among other tests, and see a tongue in cheek pictorial of the Peeps visit to the "Office of Fluffy Research, Staley Library, Millikin University, where the research was conducted.

To show how Peeps have evolved to much more than a candy treat there is a movie website called Lord of the Peeps, Peeps Haiku, a Peep O'Rama with pictures of Peeps that traveled all over the world, even Peeps in outer space on NASA's website!

I was excited to find green Peep chicks this year, as I used them to help decorate a cake I made for St. Patrick's Day (see my blog post below), and I'll be using more to decorate a bunny cake I am making using my new 3 D Williams Sonoma cake pan
3/ 24 ETA: I found a recipe on Martha Stewart on how to make homemade marshmallow bunnies and chicks here. Alos see how the Apartment Therapy Kitchen blog made these very same chicks using Marth'as recipe and find out what worked for them.
Real Simple Magazine has an article on the "New Uses For Peeps" -- some very clever ideas!

Do you love Peeps? Do you use them in any special way? Can you eat just one?


Lenka said...

oh, I love little silly peeps too! My daughter always have them for Easter!

lisa said...

yay peeps! i love their sugary goodness :-)

Michelle said...

Hi back from California! So nice to meet you ~ what a lovely blog you have. Your St. Patrick's dinner looks delicious.

Peeps are so good! Have a happy Easter!


Kathleen Grace said...

I secretly love peeps. My husband thinks they are disgusting (but he doesnt eat marshmallow anything!) Every once in a while I eat one. I wont admit it to him though, it's my little secret:>) Not a peep out of me! LOL

Vee said...

I love them. It's a family joke. People have been known to save them from Easter time to my birthday the next year! Stale Peeps are fine with me! Now that they're available most of the year around, I don't get too many stale Peeps anymore.

Thanks for the fun post...I'll go off and follow your links.

Vee said...

Yay! I discovered that I'm not the only one who likes her Peeps stale. LOL! What a great official site...say, there's another doing tomorrow at Miss Sandy's...info on my sidebar. Wanna join the fun? This post would be great!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thanks Vee! Sandy has a great blog, and I love her idea for an Easter Parade! I'll be joining in tomorrow. Just added her tag ot ny sidebar.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Pat! My mouth started watering just reading about the Peeps! Guess what I'm gonna get at the store tomorrow, my annual Peeps fix! peep-peep-peep Sherry

Louise said...

Marshmallow Peeps are a first for me, I had not heard of them untl now. I am surprised they haven't made their way onto UK soil, maybe Harrods sell them? I shan't join the fan club until I have got to try one, are you a member? x

Rue said...

Hi there!! Nice to meet you too :)

This is a great post! Although I don't like peeps, I do think they are cute, but my husband loves them with a passion and even has a special way of eating them.... first the tail, then the beak, then the head and then the body. His mother said he's been doing this since he was a kid. Now picture in your head this grown man teaching our daughter how to eat them the correct way... LOL He has to eat them fresh, but my mom eats them stale. Strange....

I hope you post your trunk, because I'd love to see it.


Susie Q said...

I love Peeps! And O love your blog! I have really enjoyed being here and looking around! I have just bookmarked it here and may I add you to my link list??

You live in one of my favorite areas of the world. I would visit there every month if I could!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog...they led me here! : )

Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

Do you know that they now have no-sugar peeps?? Mr. Pom brought me home a package last week and I promptly ate 'em up!

Happy Easter!

P.S. I only eat stale peeps or frozen. They're just not "ripe" otherwise.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Beautiful spring flower pics! Happy Easter!

Sandy said...

Had great fun, peeping at your post! This was great fun and also informative. I am thinking you need to be showcased on the How It Is Made show! So much fun!