Monday, January 7, 2008

Even though I'm on a diet....

I still love to search around and find interesting food sites and recipes to add to my collection.

Today I found this intriguing site : Cooking For Engineers.

It advertises itself as having "step by step recipes for the analytically minded." I found the recipe descriptions to be quite a bit like Cook's Illustrated Magazine, whose web site unfortunately requires a membership fee to view, or the America's Test Kitchen website which also experiments with different techniques and ingredients to find which works best.

Cooking for Engineers has this yummy marshmallow recipe, and how about this marshmallow dessert sushi that I found on a Vons Supermarket holiday web site?

It's actually marshmallows and mini donuts decorated to look like sushi with fruit roll ups, candy Swedish fish, etc. Too cute! It would be a fun way to end an Asian themed meal.

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Junie Moon said...

What amazing things can be made from marshmallows--it's almost hard to believe. Thank you for the link; I shall pop over there.