Thursday, January 31, 2008

One More Day until "Go Red For Women"

Heart disease is the # 1 killer of women in America, and the American Heart Association has a campaign this time of the year called "Go Red For Women," that focuses on making more women aware of that fact, and to inspire them to get heart check ups and modify life style choices to become more heart healthy.

February 1, is the official date, and they suggest that you wear red on that date to show solidarity with the cause, and to encourage all the women in your life to be heart healthy.

Their web site has a "Go Red Heart Check-Up" quiz that I took, and although I'm not at my ideal weight for my height, my cholesterol levels were considered to be in the low to moderate in risk factor, and that, combined with all the other parameters they questioned me on, made my chance of a heart attack in the next ten years to be only at the 1% level (whew!)

I'm still determined to lose weight, however, so I joined their free e-mail newsletter called "Choose To Move" in which they will send nutrition tips and heart healthy recipes, bi-monthly reminders to help keep me more active, e-mail reminders to stay on track, and more facts about heart disease and stroke.

Maybe the Simpson's Movie Avatar I made recently can have a more svelte figure in the future:

Lots of fun things to do on the Simpson web site. I won't change my purple hair though .... kinda like it! :-)


lisa said...

good to know that tomorrow, if you wear red to macy's they will give you an extra 15% off everything in the store...that's incentive enough for me!!

Junie Moon said...

What a great post and such an important reminder!