Friday, January 4, 2008

Old Cookbook Shop

I have a weakness for collecting recipes and cookbooks. I read cookbooks like novels and I'm sure I'll never make 1% of all the recipes that I have clipped and saved, but I can dream.

Bonnie Slotnick has a little bookstore in Greenwich Village in NYC that sells only vintage cookbooks! Why haven't I visited as yet?

I'm putting the address and contact info here to make sure I go one day:

Also, a nice interview on NPR with Bonnie can be found here:

NPR interview


Junie Moon said...

I have the same relish of cookbooks and recipes from magazines that you do. It's so fun to put various ones together and make a yummy offering on my test victims (my husband and neighbors). The recipes that work go into my little repertoire, what doesn't goes into the trash. My neighbors are used to whole meals showing up at their house for them to try and report back.

lila said...

Clipped recipes are another thing which I work into my "cut and paste" journals...sometimes it makes it easy to find when/if I should want to cook it another time. I do find most recipes on-line these days!

Thanks for coming by my blogs and leaving a comment!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well I don't know if you ever made it to this vintage book shop but if not I hope you go. I love love love old vintage cook books.