Thursday, January 24, 2008

A New Respect for Packing Tape

While browsing through some art blogs I found some information about an amazing artist named Mark Khaisman, a native of Kiev, Ukraine, who is now living in the Philadelphia area.

He applies translucent brown packing tape on clear Plexiglas panels, layering it to create degrees of opaqueness and form. The finished art works are then displayed on top of light boxes to give them depth and shadow.

Their color reminds me of an old film negative, although the image is not seen in reverse. There is also a dreamy, cubist quality to them. It's fascinating how he was able to use such a common utilitarian material and use it as a medium to produce such evocative artwork! I'd really love to see an exhibit of his work someday.

Some of Mr. Khaisman's works of art:

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