Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Old Photo Archives

I love vintage photos. I have a collection of photography books that show photos of New York City and of my borough of Brooklyn from the past, and I often wish I could go back in time one day just be be able experience what life was like in those days.

I recently learned that the Library of Congress is offering various historical photography collections to view on the photo site Flickr, some in black and white from the 1910's and some in color from the 1930's and 40's.
The photographs have no known restrictions on publication or distribution, and they have high resolution scans, so they can be copied and used in illustration and collage projects. Here is the FAQ's on their reuse

I spent some time browsing through the pictures today and found many favorites, a few which I've placed below:

A wonderful collection of home canned produce!

A store in Lincoln, Nebraska

A nice surprise for me -- a few pictures of an old time Brooklyn, including this baseball team!

Go, take a peak at the past, and see what surprises are there for you to find.

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