Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Joy of Blogging

Maria Schneider, the editor of Writer's Digest, has a blog called The Writer's Perspective, and I enjoyed her January 15th post entitled "20 Tips For Good Blogging"

I thought all her suggestions were very interesting, and I could see how successful bloggers interested in capturing and keeping a large number of readers and commentators would be doing much of what she suggests. I especially agree with her point # 18, "that a blog is a lot like a magazine, in that it is in constant evolution."
I do believe that the joy I have in reading blogs is because I also enjoy browsing through magazines, and the blogs I enjoy reading the most have both the topics and visuals that catch my eye and hold my interest in magazines, be they be about art, cooking, books, crafts, or life experiences in places I've visited or dream about traveling to one day.

I began this blog to keep a record of things I learn to do, and like, and want to remember. Too often I would drop a website into my ISP's "favorites" file, or send out an e-mail to my daughter or a friend with a "look at this -- isn't this fun, or something we should do?" type comment, and then frustratingly I'd never follow though, or remember the details about what I found. Now, in the brief time that I've started this blog, I've found myself focusing each a little more closely every day on the things that bring me joy so that I can record them here with the hope of not only being a reader but a doer!

The spiritual writer and monk, Thomas Merton, once wrote: "The imagination needs time to browse." I hope my blog will be my muse and my inspiration and will let my imagination continue grow.

Why do you blog? Do you find blogging helps you be more creative?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping by to have a visit with Monty.He was a cute kitten and now a handsome cat. I love that quote "imagination needs time to browse" I get very inspired browsing through the internet. I wish I had more time.
I've enjoyed your blog and have bookmarked it:)I will try to pop in now and then:)
Cheers, Shelagh

Junie Moon said...

Great post!

I enjoy reading blogs because I learn so much--better ways of doing things, learning new recipes, discovering books to enjoy, and so on. Bloggers are wonderful about sharing.

My own blog is my way of sharing the ways I try to live my life creatively. It has been a joy in allowing me to make new friends and we can share ideas together. I blog what I do but I do not do things just to blog about them. That's something that can easily get out of control and then your blog can take on a whole different life and tone.

My philosophy is that I control my blog but it does not control me. It's a communication tool but it is also helpful in helping me focus on those projects I want to do. I spend more time thinking about my life and am learning to be more selective about my activities. I share all that and hope that it helps others.

lila said...

Thank-you for coming by my blog! (We did take a cable car ride and visit the Cable Car Musuem too!)
I have built some wonderful connections through blogging. Being a visual artist already,and a rather private person, I limit the amount of written word on my posts. [I actually have several other blogs in addition to my main blog...perhaps I am truly addicted?]